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How to Delete Photos from iPhone X / Xr / Xs / Xs Max


When it comes to making some extra space on your iPhone the first thing you think of is to delete photos from your iPhone. Some photos are way too big in size and aren’t required anyway. This blocks a huge amount of your space on your iPhone.

Having some extra storage on your iPhone is always the right decision. And in order to do so, you do not have to take a headache. There are just few simple steps to follow and easily you can delete photos from your iPhone.

Can you Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone?

Apple was smart at this point, they know that some times people by mistake delete a require picture in the hurry to delete others, so they added an option called Recently Deleted. Which helps you restore / get back the deleted images within a time frame of 30 days.

However, sometimes you might want to delete hundreds of photos, Apple has taken care of that already. You can easily swipe while holding your finger from one photo to other and select as many as you want in a single motion.

Delete Photos from iPhone

As mentioned earlier, if you wish to take a backup of your iPhone so that you can have all the photos when required by a single restore. Read our guide for How to Backup your iPhone.

Step 1 : Open Photos

Step 2 : Select an Album from which you want to delete photos

Step 3 : Click on Select > Select the photos you want to delete. Do not forget, you can tap on one image and swipe forward to select multiple images in single motion.


Step 4 : Tap on Delete > Delete Photos

That’s it. You’ve successfully deleted the photos from your iPhone. But wait, what did I say earlier? The photos aren’t thrown out of your iPhone, they are yet in Recently Deleted Album.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

Step 1 : Under Photos app, select Recently Deleted Album

Step 2 : Tap on Select > Select the photos you want to recover

Step 3 : Tap on Recover and Recover the photos back to Camera Roll

Now, you got to know how easy it is to Recover Deleted Photos on iPhone. Was it a difficult task? Do let us know in the comments below or get in touch via our Social Media and share your views.


It is pretty easy to delete photos from your iPhone when you need to make some extra room for other things. By following the above simple steps, you could have easily deleted the photos. Incase you deleted an image that was required, you would have easily recovered that as well.

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