How to Clear Cache and Boost Performance on iPhone or iPad

After using an iPhone for some time, it is bound to be slow. The performance speed does go down but there are ways to boost the performance of iPhone, by clearing cache on iPhone. Take a look at our guide for How to Clear Cache and Boosting iPhone Peformance.

How to Clear Cache and Boost Performance on iPhone or iPad

If you own an iPhone or iPad, you would have experienced that your device does lag sometimes. The speed of the iPhone slows down and tasks take time to complete, like opening apps, camera, etc. This can get annoying at times, because you paid a huge amount for the high performance iPhone.

But you need not worry, we have a solution to your problem. Every iPhone after being used for a certain time frame, get’s a lot of cache and data which isn’t required. This unwanted data or cache can lower down the speed of your iPhone. So, how to clear cache and boost your iPhone?

You need to ensure that the caches are cleaned and the other data or the unwanted data has been removed from your iPhone. By just doing the following, you can boost your iPhone’s performance and speed.

How to Clear Cache on iPhone or iPad

By the name and the information I just gave you, it would be possible that you might think it is going to be a hectic task to perform. But do not worry, we’ll make it interesting and quick for you.

There are different tasks you will have to do, like:

  1. Clear Safari Cache
  2. Clear App Data
  3. Clear Memory

Now, let us take a look at each one of these processes and boost your iPhone’s speed!

Clear Safari Cache

When ever, on any device with any browser, if you browse you’ll have some unwanted files called cache on your device. Similar is the case with iPhone, when you use Safari, each website leaves few unwanted files on your iPhone.

Step 1 : Open Settings > Safari

Step 2 : Click on Clear History and Website Data

Step 3 : Confirm by clicking on Clear History and Data

Clear App Data

While using apps on your iPhone, such as Instagram or FaceBook, your iPhone downloads a lot of photos, videos, etc. Which are just looked at once and not required again. But the downloaded files are yet on your iPhone, so you must clean that.

Step 1 : Go to Settings > General

Step 2 : Click on iPhone Storage

Step 3 : Now, here will be able to see all apps in the order of storage used by them, highest one at the top.

Step 4 : Select an app using lot of storage

Step 5 : Check and the Data and Document section to know the storage used by the app

Step 6 : Click on Delete App and confirm by clicking on Delete App again

Step 7 : Now, delete all such apps with lot of Documents & Data

Step 8 : Go to App Store > Purchased and download all the apps again

Clear Memory

In case there are a lot of apps open at the same time, and lot of task running in the background. There is a possibility that iPhone is using a lot of memory. Which is also known as RAM.

You can also follow our guide on How to Restart iPhone to clear Memory


With help of the above three processes there would be a lot of unwanted files and memory cleaned. Which means, fresh space on which the iPhone can run and in-deed boosted performance.

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