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How to By-Pass iOS 12 Lock Screen : Access Photos and Contacts


Year over year, Apple works hard on developing and improving the security of it’s iOS versions. But some or the other way, people are able to find a breach due to which right from the lock screen it is possible to follow few steps and have access to contacts as well as photos on any iPhone running the latest iOS 12.

Although, Apple claims that the iPhone Xs Max is the most advanced phone every made available to the public but than too this process also did work on the all new iPhone Xs Max which is the latest flag-ship smartphone from Apple.

Now, I know how excited you’re to check out this process, just follow the below mentioned guide and you’ll be able to have access to contacts and photos of any iPhone running iOS 12.

Access Photos and Contacts from iOS 12 Lock Screen (By-Pass)

  1. Go to the Lock Screen of the Phone and activate Voice Over with help of Siri.
  2. Now, call on the Phone from any other mobile.
  3. Tap on the Message and select Custom.
  4. Now, scroll and take the selection to the Plus Icon at the top right corner.
  5. Send a text from the phone you called to this phone you want to By-Pass the Lock on.
  6. As soon as you get the notification banner of the text message, double click on the selection of the Plus Icon.
  7. This screen shall go all white, tap of the left side of the screen and scroll back until you hear Cancel option and double tap on it.
  8. On the keyboard, go to the numbers section and enter any random number.
  9. Once you get, the pop down menu, select the random number you entered and scroll right until the selection is on the “i” Icon.
  10. With help of Siri, turn OFF Voice-Over.
  11. 3D Touch on the icon and tap on add to existing contacts.
  12. Now, you have access to all the contacts on the phone.
  13. Moving ahead, tap on the photo icon and select “Choose Photo
  14. With help of Siri, turn Voice-Over ON.
  15. Tap on the screen and scroll down until you hear, Camera Roll.
  16. Double Tap on Camera Roll and keep scrolling until you find the image you were searching for and Double Tap to select it.
  17. Now, keep scrolling until you hear, Choose.
  18. Congratulations, now you can see the image you selected, tap on the image icon and hit Edit to view in full resolution.

That the entire process through which you can By-Pass iOS 12 Lock Screen to have access to contacts and photos. This can be beneficial for people who want to check their spouse’s photos or parents who want to check their kid’s gallery.

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