During the day there are always few calls you get which are annoying. These callers not only disturb you from your work and personal life but also doesn’t allow you to focus. But since the launch of iOS 7, there is an easy method to Block or Unblock a Number on iPhone.

Earlier to iOS 7, which means iOS 6 or earlier, required you to Jailbreak your iPhone in order to block a caller. But after iOS 7, Apple added a feature that makes it very easy to block or unblock a number on iPhone.

There are various options, to either block a number on iPhone from calling you or also from texting you. And in order to unblock a number on iPhone, is also another easy process.

How to Block a Number on iPhone

In order block a Number on iPhone, the process is very easy. Just follow the below guide in order to Block a Number on iPhone.

Step 1 : Go to Phone Application

Step 2 : Click on the [i] icon at the right of the call log

Step 3 : Hit Block this Caller

Step 4 : Confirm by hitting on Block Contact

Once you have blocked a number on iPhone, you no longer will receive calls from them. However, in the phone application you can see any call from them as a missed call. So, this helps you to know that the caller had called you after you have blocked them.

How to UnBlock a Number on iPhone

In order to Unblock a number on iPhone, the method is a little lengthy as compared to how to block a number on iPhone.

Step 1 : Go to Settings > Phone

Step 2 : Under Calls section, tap on Call Blocking and Identification

Step 3 : Swipe right to left on the number you want to unblock

Step 4 : Hit Unblock

Once a number is unblocked, you will now receive the call from the caller whenever they call you.


This entire process on blocking or unblocking a number on iPhone is pretty easy. But you need to be very sure when you’re blocking a number on iPhone that the number you’re blocking is the right one. Or else, in case you block a wrong number, it can be a trouble some situation for you.

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