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How to Block Your Number under Caller ID & Make a Private Call on iPhone

While restricting your Caller ID and not allowing the receiver to see your phone number is very easy to be done. But you need to take care of few things before you completely block your caller ID and make private calls.


There are times when you wish to make a phone call but do not want the receiver to know your number. But how do you block your number from showing up on other’s phone? How can you make a private call on iPhone? Well, it is not much of a task, and you can easily block your number on the iPhone.

There are a couple of methods to block your number from popping up and replacing it with “No Caller ID.” Which ensures that your number or caller ID is not revealed to the receiver of the call. Either you can use the in-built option provided by Apple and your carrier, or you can use a short-code to do so.

It doesn’t matter which iPhone you’re using or which iOS you’re on. The method remains the same until you’re using an iPhone. It is easy to use a code if you would like to make private calls on iPhone occasionally. But if you opt to make private calls more often, using the software option is much better.

While using the code, you need to add a prefix to every number you dial. But if you’re using the software option, it is much more comfortable. Just turn the option on, and you’re good to go.

Making a Private Call on iPhone

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of ways for you to block your caller ID or a number and not let the receiver see it. However, hiding the caller ID is more depends on your carrier. Does your carrier allows you to block your caller ID or restrict your caller ID or no?

Well, if it does, it’s a piece of good news. Now, let us take a look at the different ways you can use to Restrict your number on iPhone and make a private call.

Block your number on iPhone using short-code

One of the easiest methods to restrict your number on iPhone to make a private call is to add a prefix to the calling number. This prefix is a short-code, which hides your caller ID and displays “No Caller ID” to the receiver.

While making a phone call, you need to add *67 before dialing the number you’re calling. The format can be something like this:

*67-area code-phone number

If you use the above format to dial a number and hit the call button, your mobile number will not be visible to the receiver. Hence, this will block your number and allow you to make a private call.

Block your number on iPhone using Settings

As mentioned, there is an in-build feature in iOS which Apple adds to allow users to choose, whether to display caller ID or to hide caller ID. But your carrier plays a vital role; it must be decided by your carrier to take the settings set into account or no. Meaning, it is possible if you choose not to show your caller ID, but your carrier ignores the context and shows your caller ID to the receiver.

You can anyways try the process and check if your carrier allows to block caller ID on iPhone or it doesn’t.

  1. Go to Settings > Phone

2. Scroll down and tap on Show My Caller ID

3. Now, wait until the carrier loads the settings

Now, if the option is not active, that means your carrier does not allows blocking caller ID and you cannot use the settings option to prevent caller ID.

However, if the option is active, you can toggle it On or Off depending upon your requirement. If you wish to make a private call, toggle it on or else off.

Show your Caller ID on iPhone

There is a fair possibility that you have restricted your caller ID from showing up. But you want to make a call which you do not want to be private and show your caller ID. In that case, you need not change the settings; you can use a short-code to do so.

All you need to do is follow the below format for dialing a number and tapping the call button.

*82-area code-phone number

However, the rate and speed of calls will depend again on your service provider.

Ask your Service Provider to block Caller ID

This can be for you if you want all the outgoing calls to be private. You do not want anyone to see your Caller ID. You can contact the customer support service of your service provider and request for the same.

It is much easier to block and restrict caller ID when it is being done directly from your service provider. Just ask them that you need to block your caller ID and do not want any receiver to know your phone number.

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