How to Backup your iPhone to iCloud Drive and iTunes

how to backup iphone

iPhones are these devices which carry a lot of our personal information and data. Though sometimes we do not realise it but our huge amount of information is available on these devices. And anything can happen to them at any point in time, they might fall and break, might get snatched or fall into water.

All of the above mentioned activities shall lead to loosing of the important data on the iPhones. The data can be related to your personal life, your vacation pictures, your work related documents. That’s why it is better to always keep a backup of your iPhone. This ensures safety of data if something happens to your iPhone.

There are various option to backup your iPhone, you can choose anyone according to your convenience. Either the backup stays on your iCloud Drive or on your Computer. In my case, I backup my iPhone to my MacBook Pro and backup my MacBook Pro to my TimeMachine. This provides me a double surety that my data is safe.

How to Backup your iPhone?

There are two ways in which you can back your iPhone:

  1. iCloud Drive
  2. iTunes

How to Backup your iPhone to iCloud Drive

For backups on iCloud Drive you need to maintain the required space. As you get only 5GB of free storage, in order to backup your iPhone to iCloud Drive you need to buy additional space.

Once you have the required space, you can follow the below steps to backup your iPhone to iCloud Drive:

Step 1 : Open Settings > [YOUR NAME]

Step 2 : Click on iCloud

Step 3 : Head to iCloud Backup under “Apps using iCloud

Step 4 : Turn “ON” iCloud Backup

Step 5 : Click on Backup Now to backup to iCloud

That’s all, it is so simple to backup your iPhone to iCloud Drive. But the only issue is the requirement to purchase additional space.

How to Backup your iPhone to iTunes

This is the safe and easy method. By choosing this method, all your iPhone backups are stored on your Computer. You can even find your older backups which isn’t possible in the case of iCloud Backups.

Step 1 : Connect your iPhone to your Computer via Lightening Cable

Step 2 : Open iTunes

Step 3 : Click on the device icon (at the right side of MUSIC)

Step 4 : Under Summary section, click on Backup Now

That’s all, this will now backup the data of your iPhone to your computer.


So, by choosing any of the above methods, you can ensure safety of your personal data and backup your iPhone’s data. Both the options are safe, iCloud Backups ensure easy moving of data with help of just internet while iTunes method requires you to have your iPhone and Computer together to backup and restore later as well.

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