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How to Apply for Apple Card using iPhone

Apple is taking the steps towards the launch of Apple Card. How to video out.


Ahead of the official launch of Apple Card, today Apple has updated the sign-up site for Apple Card and shows how users can Apple for Apple Card. The method isn’t a long process like you have to for other credit card. Apple has tried its best to keep the process as short as possible, and they have done it well.

The official sign-up / preview website for Apple Card is live and users can access it. However, it is not confirm yet if it is for the preview version or the beta testing for Apple Employees (If you’ve received the preview email for Apple Card, please get in touch with us).

The landing page says “Apple Card Preview“, users who have received the email can Apple for their Apple Card right from the wallet application.

Apple Card Release Date

As per the CEO, Tim Cook’s statement, Apple Card is all set to be officially launched in the month of August. But there is no date fixed yet and we’re expecting Apple to either host an event for Apple Card’s launch or make it remarkable in some other manner.

Apple Card Eligibility

Before we begin with the process of applying for Apple Card, you must check if you are eligible to apply for Apple Card or not. As per Apple’s official site, below are the basic terms for having an Apple Card:

  1. Must be an US citizen with minimum age of 18 years
  2. Must have the latest iOS version installed
  3. Must have an iPhone supporting Apple Pay

If you pass all the above terms, let’s start with the application process for Apple Card.

How to Apple for Apple Card

Apple also shared some information on how users can apply for their Apple Card in the future, after the launch. The official Apple Card page has an added video at the bottom of the page, where Apple shows how to exactly Apple for an Apple Card.

On iPhone

Step 1 : Go to Wallet App

Step 2 : Click on the Plus icon

Step 3 : Tap on Apple Card

Step 4 : Fill in your information, such as name, email, etc.

Step 5 : Accept the offer as offered by Goldman Sachs on the bases of your credit background

Step 6 : Tap Accept Apple Card and the Apple Card will be added to your Wallet App on iPhone and iPad, as well as Safari Auto-fill

On iPad

Step 1 : Go to Settings

Step 2 : Scroll down and tap on Wallet & Apple Pay

That’s it. Now, you’re good to start using Apple Card.

Apple Card Latest Updates

On the official Apple Card site, Apple provides other users an option to stay up-to date by signing up for update newsletter. You can opt in for the option and keep yourself updated with happenings related to Apple Card.

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