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How to Add Custom Ringtones to iPhone

Making customisations on your iPhone one thing that all the iPhone users just love. Similarly, Adding a Custom Ringtone to your iPhone is one of them. But did you know you can do that directly with help of iTunes. With help of few simple steps you can Add Custom Ringtone to iPhone.


One feature in particular that is available on an Android Mobile which isn’t available on an iPhone is the ability to Add Custom Ringtones. You might have been wonder fo quite a long time now, how to Add Custom Ringtones to iPhone? And finally here you’re to find the answer to the question.

By default, Apple provides a wide variety of ringtones to be used by it’s users. But there are many situations when you want to add a custom ringtone to your iPhone. That can be only for a particular person or some favourite song of your.

However, there is an easy method with help of which you can definitely go ahead and Add Custom Ringtones to iPhone. The method is right available in iTunes but most of us aren’t aware about it. With help of this article you’ll be able to Add Custom Ringtones to iPhone.

How to Add Custom Ringtones to iPhone

So, the method of adding a Custom Ringtone to your iPhone is very simple and you require to have iTunes installed. Ensure that iTunes is updated to the latest version. Once iTunes is up to date, just follow the below mentioned steps!

How to Make Custom Ringtones in iTunes

Step 1 : Select the song you want to make Ringtone of

Step 2 : Add that file to iTunes

Step 3 : Select the song, right click and tap on Song Info

Step 4 : Now, move to Options Section

Step 5 : Enter the start and end timings (generally a ringtone should be 20-30 seconds long)

Step 6 : Now, select the song and head to Files > Convert > Create ACC Version

Step 7 : Select the newly created clip and right click > Show in Finder

Step 8 : Select the Song File > Right Click > Delete file from iTunes

Step 9 : Right Click on the File > Rename, now change the format from M4A to M4R

How to Add Custom Ringtones to iPhone

Step 10 : Connect your iPhone to your Computer

Step 11 : Click on the Device Icon at the left corner and go to Tones Section

Step 12 : Here, you need to drag and drop the Ringtone File in M4R Format

How to Select Custom Ringtones on iPhone

Step 13 : On your iPhone, go to Settings > Sounds (& Haptics)

Step 14 : Scroll down, head to Ringtones

Step 15 : Here you’ll be able to see the newly added Custom Ringtone, select it

Now, you’ll be able to listen to the newly added and created Custom Ringtone by you every-time someone calls you.


There is always a solution to the problem you face, like before reading this article you did not know how to create and add custom ringtones to iPhone via iTunes directly. You might have looked at hundreds of places, but finally you have Added Custom Ringtones to iPhone. Apple also isn’t very open about all the options it provides, so every-time someone finds something new, they share it with the world for greater good. Similarly, we also try and find new tricks and solutions to day-to-day problems.

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