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eSIM iPhone
Apple now provides dual-Sim facility to its user. Let us know how to activate the e-SIM.

Since you have landed on this blog, chances are you already 22 years old carrying two phones today. Maybe in your pocket or in front of you. Or you’re someone who’s about to carry two phones.¬†Well in this blog I’m going to tell you what dual SIM and eSIM is, I’m going to tell you how it can benefit you, and we’re even going to go through the activation process.

So let’s get started.

Now let’s talk about those phones. If you’re a bit like me, you might find yourself to carry a second cell phone daily. It could be for work, maybe it’s for on-call, maybe it’s even for while you travel abroad. Well, the friction here is that everything you do is twice the effort because of your second cell phone. I mean, you got to charge two phones, you need accessories for two phones, you need service plans for two phones.

You get the gist, right?

Well, the 2018 iPhones with the iOS 12.1, which includes the iPhone 10S, 10S Max, and the iPhone 10R are dual SIM capable. It means a physical SIM and an eSIM.

Now, this isn’t the same thing as having a phone number from Skype or Google Voice. These are over the top services or OTT VoIP services, and these services still require you to have an Internet connection. This means that the phone itself is capable of having two phone numbers assigned to it and no matter what phone number someone calls it’s going to ring a single device.

This is what the standard bodies commonly refer to as Dual SIM Dual Standby.

So, no matter what phone number someone dials, if they call that phone, it’s going to ring your device. And what’s great is that this functionality is even extended to your Apple watch series three or series four, if you have cellular-enabled.

Right, that’s another bonus. I know you might be thinking to yourself, hey this is 2020 how is this even new?

Well, Apple getting behind eSIM Dual Standby means that your carrier is more likely to implement the network support that’s needed for this technology.

So, let’s talk about the possible use cases for this.

The first use case is exactly like mine. You have two phones and you want to consolidate down to one physical device.

In this scenario, I only need to carry one device. so, this means that I can resell or re-gift that second device to a friend or family member. I don’t need to carry insurance on that second phone. I don’t need to carry Apple care on that second phone. I don’t need to buy accessories for that second phone. So, there is an incremental amount of savings that I can go ahead and realize by activating this. Now I still need to pay for my monthly service plan, because I was paying for my monthly service plan before, and I still have that second telephone number on this single phone.

eSIM iPhone

In the second scenario, where you have one single phone and you want to activate some data plan for international travel.

Nobody wants to get screwed by their carrier for high data roaming rates while they’re traveling abroad. So, what you could do is you could activate a data-only plan from a carrier such as Truphone or GigSky sim right from the comfort of your hotel room using an app. There’s no misunderstanding. There’s no understanding of the local language, there’s no currency conversion.

The third scenario is very much like the second scenario but instead of getting a data-only plan, you need to get a local number. So here several different carriers support e-SIM all over the world and Apple keeps a list of those growing carriers on its’ support page. So, the same benefits apply in scenario three as scenario two.

You will be able to activate a secondary line from the comfort of your location without needing to worry about a misunderstanding, currency conversion, or any type of those problems.

So, let’s go and set up our device.

In this example, I’m going to be using GigSky which is a prepaid data service provider. As I mentioned previously that it is as easy as downloading an app. After you’ve installed the app and registered, you’re presented with several different pricing options based on the geographical region that you are traveling in. Simply choose how much data you want and how long you want the data for and you’re presented with a checkout total. And since GigSky supports Apple Pay, you authenticate with my face and you purchase your plan using your local currency.

Now that we have our second cellular plan added to our device, let’s take a look at what transpired. To manage our cellular accounts tied to the device, we’re going to go ahead and navigate to Settings, and then we’re going to go to cellular.

We see the following items.


The first thing we see is the label that you have assigned to that second cellular plan, which is secondary. Next, we see that the line is enabled. Third, we see that the network selection is to GigSky. Fourth, LTE is enabled. And finally, fifth, if and when we want to remove the cellular plan from our phone.

Now if you look closely at the cell signal bars, they look a little bit different. That’s because those signal bars are showing service for both your primary and your secondary cellular plan. If you open up the control center, you can see the description between the different networks with their respective names.

So that is it.


Who had activated eSIM on their iPhone, do comment down below. If you got any queries, tell us in the comment section.

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