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Google Pays Apple US$ 9 Billion to stay Default Search Engine on Safari


There have been rumours going around that Google pays Apple to stay the default search engine in Safari Browser. This is TRUE, as it is coming right from the Wall Street firm Goldman Sachs. As they estimate that Google shall pay Apple US$ 9 Billion for the year 2018 to stay as the default search engine for the browser.

They also claim that the amount can rise by US$ 3 Billion in the coming year 2019 and be US$ 12 Billion for the same. In just four years, the pay has risen from US$ 1 Billion to US$ 9 Billion. This is very surprising as the non of the companies are talking about it and making huge deals off the table.

This is possible because Safari is the second largest browser after Google Chrome, with a share of 31% after Chrome’s 49%. So, if Google stays the default search engine there is a huge possibility for Google to dominate the searches as not many people change the default search engine and most of them do prefer Google over any other search Engine.

In June 2013, Apple made Bing the default search engine for Siri Searches but not for Safari Browser on the iPhone. Now, we surely know why Bing isn’t the default search engine for Safari Browser.

Wall Street analysts have been very pleased with the growth of Apple’s services revenue, which was reported to be $9.55 billion in Q3, up 31 percent since last year. Google’s payments to Apple would fall into this “services” category.

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