First Impressions & Review of Apple Card, Apple Titanium Credit Card

Apple Card is on the rise and people have started using it. Are you yet confused to apply or not to?

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Apple has started shipping its credit cards to the users in United States. Users received the invites from Apple to register or apply for their Apple Card. The Apple Card announced during the Special Apple Event in March and here we have it in own hands. This is the first Apple product to see light of the day very quickly after the official launch.

There are many things you need to keep in might before you go ahead and apply for your Apple Card. However, if you haven’t received the invite from Apple, you can apply for Apple Card. Upon acceptance of your credentials you can take the step ahead to grab Apple Card in your hands.

But until then, let us take a complete walk through of Apple Card. The titanium credit card from Apple.

Also, at any time, if you wish to apply for Apple Card, you can follow our guide on How to Apple for Apple Card on iPhone.

Apple Card – First Impressions

As we are based in India, we do not have the liberty to get our hands on Apple Card. This article is based on the hand-on experience shared by Marques Brownlee in his YouTube video. The photos used are also from his impressions video.

Let us start from Eligibility

There is not much for eligibility, because Apple is trying to provide the credit card to as many people as possible. However, there are few checks you must ensure :

  1. Age must be eighteen years or more
  2. Must be an American Citizen
  3. Should be using an iPhone
  4. The iPhone must be running the latest iOS version

That’s all. Those are the official eligibility criteria mentioned by Apple to apply for Apple card. But the credit score is something that is very important. Your credit score shall decide are you going to get an Apple Card, what will be the interest rate applicable for you, etc.

You can also check the details about the Apple Card Customer Agreement as released by Goldman Sachs on their official website.

Apple Card for Students

If you’re a student, then too, you must ensure you check the above mentioned four eligibility criteria. This will ensure if you can apply for Apple Card or not. After which you are on your luck and fate, your credit score will decide are you getting an Apple Card, what will be your credit limit, your interest rates, etc.


So, the first packaging you need to unbox is the brown box. It is common for every Apple product. You can buy any Apple product and the outer package is the brown cardboard. After you open the brown cardboard package, you get to the Apple Card envelope. Which is matte white from outside having an Apple logo on top of it. When you open the envelope, you get your matte white titanium Apple Card sitting inside a placeholder. The inside of the envelope is a gradient – to which we will get to later.

Pairing and Activating Apple Card

Pairing and Activating your Apple Card is very easy and simple. As Apple is known for minimalistic designing, you need to wake your iPhone and hold it below the Apple Card placeholder. After which, you should get a pop-up for Apple Card on your iPhone and hit the Activate Button. That’s it. Now you can go to your Wallet App and start using your Apple Card.

The pairing is as similar to pairing AirPods, HomePods or Beats. The smart detection technology does all processing at the back-end and shows a satisfying animation at the front-end.

First Look and in-hand Feel

As I had mentioned earlier, the entire card is made-up of Titanium. Which mean the weight of the card is heavy as compared to your other plastic credit cards. But the design is not comparable to your other plastic credit cards.

Up top, the card is covered with matte white finish. At the front, you can see an Apple logo at the left top corner, your name engraved below that and the chip at the right side. Nothing else, no credit card number, or no additional information.

Moving at the back end of the card, you again do not have much to look at. There is a Goldman Sachs and Master Card logo, the issuer bank and the card provider, respectively. And the silver strip at the bottom. Again, no CVV or signature as everything is recorded in your Wallet App on your paired iPhone.

Wallet App – Expense Tracking

The layout and the details that Apple provides you are updated Live. The analyses of your spend helps you know where you’re spending more or where can you save some money.

Also, if you are unable to figure out a transaction, you can take a look at the complete details of that transaction by tapping on it. If that doesn’t help, you can look at the maps view to see where and on what did you spend.

One more interesting features in the Wallet App is the Apple Card gradient. At the first when you get your Apple Card, the card is all white in the Wallet App.

But right after you start spending money using your Apple Card, the card starts to show gradients. Which also depends on the category of expense and the amount spend.

The is not a significant thing, but does matter when you’re analysing your expenses at the end of the month. Also, it can be attractive to look at it. A multi-colour credit card projection.

Reward Program

To encourage the users to replace their Apple Cards with their daily-use credit cards. Apple is providing a lot of benefits and attractive rewards.

For every dollar spent using your Apple Card, you get one percent (one cent) cash-back.

For every dollar spent using Apple Pay from your Apple Card, you get two percent (two cents) cash-back.

For every dollar spent at an Apple Store from your Apple Card, you get three percent (three cents) cash-back.

But these are not normal reward programs or offers. The cash-back you earn is calculated on daily bases and the next day you get it in the form of Apple Cash. So, suppose today you earn ten dollars as Apple Card, tomorrow you can use that ten dollars to pay for anything.

Interest Rates

Just like other credit card providers, Apple will also charge you an interest on late payments. But the Wallet App is made so smart that you cannot miss your payment date. However, let’s assume you missed your payment date. In that case, you’ll have to pay interest at the rate starting from twelve percent to twenty-four percent. The interest rate at a large end, depends on your credit score and approval of the same from Apple.


It is very attractive. Apple just like other products, has made Apple Card very attractive. The features, Wallet App acting as your financial advisor, maps view, credit card gradient, cash backs, Apple Cash, and lots more. But one thing that cannot be missed is the Apple Eco-System. The company is trying so hard to not give one reason to its customers to leave. They are trying their best to tap every single on of your needs and retain you.

Already, there are many reasons to not shift to Android from an iPhone and adding the payment system above that is very smart. Now, if you move from iPhone to Android, you also loose your credit card.

Now, let us know in the comments below if you’re going to apply for Apple Card or if you already have, tweet your Apple Card to us @iDeviceGuide_.

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