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What Changes Can We Expect in the iPhone 13?


Every year, Apple defies expectations by introducing iPhone models that are better than before. Improving on already excellent designs, the changes between generations of iPhones can sometimes seem minute, while actually bringing incredible improvements to the user experience. Apple engineers constantly work to enhance design efficiency through an optimised hierarchical schematic design, and this is what has helped us arrive at the super sleek, lightweight iPhone models we have today. But with the iPhone 12 already being such an achievement in modern technology, what can we expect from 2021’s iPhone 13?

High Refresh Rate Display

This feature was rumoured for the iPhone 12 but didn’t come to fruition; however, sources say that we may finally see it in the iPhone 13. All variations of the iPhone 13 are expected to come with a fully integrated touch OLED screen with 120Hz ProMotion displays. With a higher refresh rate, games and movies will look crisper on the iPhone 13. It’s likely that the iPhone 13 will also make use of similar technology as we’ve seen in the iPad Pro, which varies the refresh rate depending on what activity you’re doing. This should also help improve the phone’s battery life – something that’s been a problem for most iPhone models throughout the years.

Time-of-Flight (ToF) Selfie Cameras

Apple was one of the first to introduce the option to unlock your device simply by looking at it through Face ID, and the technology has only continued to improve. The next generation of iPhones is likely to be equipped with a ToF camera instead of an Infrared one, which would recognise not just facial expressions, but gestures as well. This will more than likely improve facial detection accuracy and make iPhones even more accessible than ever before.

Improved Wireless Charging

One significant change that many analysts have predicted is that the iPhone 13 will rely solely on wireless technology – from wireless music and file transfer to wireless charging. In fact, some say that the iPhone 13 will innovate phone design like never before by being completely port-less. That’s right, this means the elimination of the charging port. The decision to remove the headphone jack was controversial at the time, but it seems Apple’s push towards a completely wireless experience for its customers has inevitably led to this product.

Larger Storage Options

Currently, the iPhone 12 series has 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB storage options, while the iPhone 12 Pro starts off at 128GB and goes up to 512GB. That seems like a massive amount of storage for a mobile phone; however, rumours are circulating that the iPhone 13 may have storage options going up to 1TB! While not many users will require such a huge improvement in storage capacity, this means that the low- and mid-range options of the iPhone 13 will likely have larger storage capabilities as well. It’s a great improvement that’s likely to be welcomed by both casual and intensive users alike.

We may be a way off from seeing the iPhone 13, but there’s no reason why we can’t be excited for the tech that’s to come. As the iPhone 12 has proven, Apple continues to find ways to innovate their already amazing tech, and it’s exciting to consider what the iPhone 13 may have in store.

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