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How to Block Contacts on iMessage on iPhone

Getting annoyed because of unnecessary calls and messages? Now you can easily block them in iMessage and report spam on them.


Does it annoy you when someone you do not want to talk to, keeps messaging you and bother you? It is not a healthy and acceptable practice, but you cannot do anything about it as well. However, you can block the person and his number in iMessage on your iPhone.

Early on the older versions of iOS, it wasn’t that easy to block someone from calling or messaging you, how much it is now. You can in iOS 12.4 quickly go ahead and block or unblock anyone upon your will. It ensures you do not have to take calls or messages from them anymore.

How to Mute or Block Someone on iMessage on iPhone or iPad

Step 1 : Go to Settings > Messages

Step 2 : Click on Blocked under SMS/MMS section

Step 3 : Scroll all the way down and click on Add New

Step 4 : Now select the contact you want to block in iMessage

That’s all. Now you’ll no longer be getting calls or messages from the person you’ve just blocked.

How to Un-Block Someone on iMessage on iPhone or iPad

But in case you change your mind and wish to un-block the contact you’ve blocked, it is easy. All you need to do is:

Step 1 : Go to Settings > Messages > Blocked

Step 2 : Find the contact under Blocked List

Step 3 : Swipe from Left to Right and click on Un-Block

Now, you’ll be able to take calls and messages from the respective contact.

How to Block Someone Un-known on iMessage on iPhone or iPad

Well, there wasn’t any way to do this for a long time. In the older versions of iOS, you would have to save a contact with the name – BLOCKED or DO NOT PICK to know that this number is a spam call or message.

But with iOS 12.4 it is effortless to block an unknown number and not get any more messages or calls from them in the future.

Step 1 : Go to Phone > Recent

Step 2 : Select the un-known number you want to block and click on “i” icon

Step 3 : Scroll to the bottom and click on Block This Caller

Step 4 : Confirm by clicking on Block Contact

How to Report Spam iMessage on iPhone

With the added new features to iMessage, Apple now also allows you to report spam messages and block and delete them. It helps you can no longer, ever receive any more messages or calls from that respective person.

It can help a lot of people to maintain their privacy and not get disturbed by un-known people calling or messaging.

Step 1 : Go to Message > Un-Known Number

Step 2 : Open the conversation and click on Report Junk

Step 3 : Now click on Delete and Report Junk and confirm

That’s all. This will now report the junk or un-known number to Apple.

In case this does not solve your problem, there is a second method as well. You can write directly to the Spam Team at Apple to ensure that you are not being harassed or disturbed. They will do whatever is required to ensure customer satisfaction. You can write to them at imessage.spam@icloud.com.

How to Delete Contact and Block Someone on iMessage on iPhone or iPad

Also, if you want to block a number and delete the contact, that isn’t possible. Well, you can try your luck by calling your carrier customer support and asking them to block a number. But this will take time and can be a hectic task. Doing so, will not allow you to block or un-block on your will, as you’ll have to call the customer support again.

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