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Best iPhone X Wallet Cases 2019

Choosing the best case for your iPhone is always a nightmare due to the huge number of case manufacturers and cases available in the market. With each one claiming to be the best. But let us give it a break. We have handpicked the Best Wallet Cases for iPhone to buy in 2019.


In today’s world, it get’s difficult at times to carry a wallet as well as an iPhone. Because there is always some extra space required to keep both the things along with you. Either be it in your pocket or in your bag. This is reason why most of the iPhone users prefer to get a Wallet Case.

A Wallet Case helps you protect your iPhone with a strong case and allows you to store your cash, debit card and credit card with your iPhone. It is also pretty easy to access, as our mobiles are right in our hand during the most part of the day.

But with a wide variety of Wallet Cases available numerous sellers, it get’s very difficult to make that right choice. Because every is looking for the best wallet case for iPhone in 2019 which is build well, is protective and is not too heavy at the same time.

How to choose Best iPhone X Wallet Cases in 2019?

Because of the various options, you are bound to get confused. That is the exact reason we thought why not hand pick the Best iPhone X Wallet Cases and help you resolve the issue. For which, we selected the 11 Best iPhone X Wallet Cases, now you just need to choose one from these top 11 and buy it.

  1. Silk iPhone X/XS Wallet Case
  2. Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed
  3. Case-Mate iPhone X Case
  4. OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone
  5. Twelve South Relaxed Leather Case for iPhone X
  6. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case
  7. Twelve South Journal for iPhone
  8. Trianium Walletium Series Wallet Case
  9. LUPA iPhone X Wallet case
  10. Pasonomi iPhone X Wallet CaseĀ 
  11. KAVAJ Leather iPhone Case

Let us take a look at each one of them individually.

Silk iPhone X/XS Wallet Case

This is a simple and sleek looking design. There are a total 3 colour options – black, blue and red. The design is simple, nothing fancy, but the texture is a little rough. Which helps to get the perfect grip while using the phone. This prevents your iPhone from slipping form your hands.

Talking about the wallet storage, it can storage up-to 3 cards and some cash. That is enough storage for a normal day use. Apart from that, the case is highly protective. The four air cushion corners, provides complete protection to your iPhone.

The best thing I liked about this case is that it is wireless charging compatible. Which means you do not have to remove the case, in case you use wireless charging.

Spigen Slim Armor CS Designed

Spigen has been a leading case manufacturer for mobiles, specially iPhone. They produce very simple, sleek and durable cases. Often Spigen is the only company to produce an armour case for iPhone which is very light in weight. This time, they have a mixed case. Durable case as well as wallet case.

The Spigen Wallet Case can storage up-to 2 cards and some cash. There is a slide panel, under which there is space to storage your cards. Overall, the case is very handy and is very protective. The four corners have air cushion technology, which provides extra protection during a fall.

The edges of the case are risen, which is a plus point. This helps protect the front screen when the iPhone is kept upside down. And also, protects the camera lens from getting any scratches.

Case-Mate iPhone X Case

Case Mate has an authentic looking iPhone Wallet Case. The design is very similar to the olden times. With a flip-flop acting as the front cover for the iPhone. But it can be very useful in cases when the iPhone fall with the front screen facing downwards and other general cases as well.

The case is build with leather. So, if you’re someone who loves leather, this can be the case for you. There are separate pockets for ID Cards, Cash and Cards. There is enough space to replace your entire wallet. All your IDs, Cash and Cards can easily be stored in the case storage.

There is a placeholder for the iPhone, so all you need to do is fit-in your iPhone in the case and you’re good to go.The company provides a life time warranty, so you use it freely and not worry about the wear and tear of the leather. This allows the users to freely use the case.

OtterBox STRADA SERIES Case for iPhone

If you’re looking for a premium leather case for your iPhone? This can be the one. OtterBox provides a genuine leather case for iPhone with a flip-flop. The wallet storage is towards inside of the flip-flop. The case has additional protection features which protects your iPhone from falls, scratches, etc.

There is a placeholder for your iPhone in which you can easily slip-in or out your iPhone. The placeholder is a hard case, which ensures maximum protection. The edges of the case are taller than the iPhone’s edges to protect the screen of iPhone. This also helps to protect the camera lens from getting any scratches or break.

This case with a life-time warranty can store one card easily but you can definitely try to add more. As more cards will provide better grip but there would be a little bump. Overall, the case is light and classy looking.

Twelve South Relaxed Leather Case for iPhone X

Twelve South is another company which leads iPhone accessories manufacturing. This case from Twelve South is build with Relaxed Leather. In case you do not know, Relaxed Leather is a type of Leather which changes it’s appearance over the time. Which means the case will look even more better after months of usage.

However, this is a simple iPhone case with extra protection and card holding pockets at the back. The edges of the case are tough, which helps protect the iPhone’s edges and not let them get scratched while using. The edges around the camera are bumped, to protect the camera lens.

And at the back, there are two pockets to keep two cards or IDs. The pockets are designed in a way to give the hand stitched feeling. The inside of the case is build with micro fibre, which keeps the iPhone’s back panel save and doesn’t scratch it.

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo is one of the first companies to produce a Leather Case for iPhone. They have been recognised by New York Times and other papers in the United States. The company provides a Full Leather Case which does protects your iPhone and allows you to loose that wallet from your pocket.

The case is build with full-grain leather. Which provides good grip while using the phone. The edges of the case is also strong enough to protect iPhone’s edges. The case is very similar looking to the original Apple Cases, just with a added wallet pouch at the back.

The wallet pocket at the back is hand stitched and is cable of holding 2 to 3 cards at a time. If you’re looking for a strong iPhone case with low card storage, this can be the case for you. The wallet pouch features a branding of Mujjo at the lower center of it.

Twelve South Journal for iPhone

Have you looked at a Journal in olden days? With a cover on it. This case by Twelve South looks something very similar. There is a placeholder for the iPhone and a separate segment for storing the IDs, Cards and Cash.

The case is made from Leather. This brown leather gives a rich look and feel to the case. The placeholder for the iPhone is the protective case. There is a cover attached at the back of the case which becomes the flip holder for the card, cash and ids. The flip case has a stand build-in, so for watching hands-free you can set it up with the stand and enjoy the content.

The company doesn’t provide any warranty for the case, which means if there are any wear and tears to the leather or the stitches, then there is no repair option. So, you will have to be very careful while using the case.

Trianium Walletium Series Wallet Case

Trianium Walletium Walle Case for iPhone is a tough armour case for iPhone with a Wallet. The case is build with TPU material for extra hard casing and ultimate protection. The interior of the case is layered with micro fibre for scratch resistance.

While the corners have air cushion technology for protection against fall, accident, etc. The hard shall model of the case is very protective in nature for the overall protection of your iPhone. Outer hard shell isn’t slippery, so it helps for better grip.

The case is capable of holding 3 cards at max. And the company recommends to store all three to get the perfect grip. Also, the company provides a life time warranty for the case. Which means you do not have to worry about anything and use the case care-free.

LUPA iPhone X Wallet case

Lupa has a special Burgundy Wallet Case for iPhone X. This case again is similar to the flip-flop design. But the build quality claimed by the company seems to be better than the others. The best part of this case is that it is wireless charging compatible. (If you use it.)

Lupa uses Leather to build their cases. The leather used is rugged, eco-friendly and PU rated. The case is a slim design and light weight. The iPhone placeholder is a hard shell case, for the maximum safety and protection. Perfect cut-outs for buttons and speakers, makes this case handy to use and talk with the case closed.

The wallet sleek features three segments. One for ID Cards, one for Debit and Credit Cards and extra open space for some Cash. You can store up-to 3 cards and 20 current notes. The amount of storage is enough for daily usage.

Pasonomi iPhone X Wallet Case

In case you’re a full fledged business man and need to carry a lot of cash and cards with you. This case suits best for your requirement. This case by Pasonomi is build with genuine leather. The leather is rugged, eco-friendly and PU rated.

There are in total 9 pockets. Which means you can store 9 cards including your Debit, Credit and ID Cards. Also, there is a transparent section for you to add your favourite or family picture. It feels lovely to have your’s family picture right in front of your eyes, all day. Above this, there is separate space for storing some cash. Which makes this case the perfect replacement for a wallet.

The iPhone sits in a hard shell placeholder. Who’s edges are taller for protecting camera lens. Also, the case is water proof. Carrying it in rain shouldn’t be problem. In total, the case provides a 360-degree protection. Allowing no scratches, dirt, water, etc. to enter.

KAVAJ Leather iPhone Case

Another case with a front casing style. But this one from Kavaj is a little different. Though there is a front casing, but the wallet pouch is at the back of the case and not inside. Due to which the number of cards that can be stored are less. Anyway, you can store 3 to 4 cards.

The case is made from 100% Leather. There are stitches all around the case, which are all hand-build. Giving it a good look. There are chances for the stitches to rip apart, or tear off but you need not worry about it. The iPhone place holder has strong casing for protection of iPhone. The front casing, helps to protect the front panel or screen of the iPhone.

The company provides a 100% money back guarantee for 100 days from the date of purchase. So, you can use the case and check your comfort. Overall, the case is slim and light weight. Just the number of cards to store are less as compared to the design and other Wallet Cases.


With lots of case manufacturers and hundreds of cases for your iPhone, it is very difficult to make the perfect choice. For which, we streamlined the entire thing for you. Choose from the top 11 cases and in case you didn’t like any from the above 11, take a look at other Best Cases for iPhone X.

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