Best iPhone Armbands for Running 2019

Running with your iPhone in your pocket can be a great trouble. Why not just use an arm-band to take care of your iPhone and extras from your pocket and you focus on your run? But there are various options in the market, so we narrowed it down to 6 Best Arm Bands for Running 2019.

Best iPhone Armbands for Running 2019

Everyone is today’s world wants to stay fit and healthy. People are trying to workout more than before and one thing that keeps them going is there favorite music. Playing their favorite music in the background provides a person motivation to continue work out and achieve their fitness goals.

One way of doing so, is to plug-in your earphone / headphones into your iPhone and drop the iPhone right into your pocket. But running with something in your pocket is very difficult. As the momentum of the iPhone doesn’t allow you to running efficiently.

For which, you can use an Armband.

What is an Armband?

Armband is an accessory which you can wrap around your arm for easy access to the iPhone. You can also use your earphones or headphones to your iPhone and continue working out and listen to your favorite music in the background.

You can easily slip in your iPhone into the transparent pocket of the armband and plug-in your hearing device. And wrap the armband around your arm and start working out and running.

Best iPhone Armbands for Running

While there are various options available in the market, it can be very difficult to choose the right one. So, in order to make it easy for you to choose the right armband for you, we have selected the best 10 iPhone armbands for running.

Let us take a look at each one of them and see which one will be the best iPhone armband for you?

TRIBE Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband Case

Love colorful products? This one is for you. Tribe provides 10 different color options to choose from. Also, there are three size options. Depending upon your phone size you can choose from S / M / L size. The armband is very adjustable and comfortable. There is an extra elastic for extra comfort.

Surrounding your phone, there is a thick bright strip which can help for easy identification under lower lighting. Very helpful when you’re going for a run during sunset. The transparent front, allows you to use Face ID flawlessly. Also, there is a key storage, so you can keep your key there & not carry it inside your pocket.

Above all, the company provides a 100% satisfaction rate. So, if you do not like the product on delivery, you can claim a free replacement or 100% refund without any questions asked.

Tune Band for iPhone 7, Premium Sports Armband

Tune Band has a different looking armband. The armband is divided into two parts, silicon iPhone case and velcro. The company provides two velcros, to fit arms from 7″ to 18″, which is a huge range for arm. Along with that, the box also includes two screen protectors for your iPhone.

The silicon design is protective but can be sticky when it comes in contact with sweat. However, the velcros are very adjustable and can help you get a very comfortable grip. There are three color options to choose from – Black, Pink and Glow.

The silicon case can be very handy, whenever you need access to your phone, you can easily pop it out and use it. Once done, put it right back in and continue running.

VUP Running Armband

VUP provides an all-in-one armband. If your phone size is from 4″ to 6.5″, you can get this VUP running armband. The band wraps around your arm and the placeholder has silicon grips which can be fixed on all the four corners and hold your iPhone upright. The placeholder can be rotated 180 degrees for better viewing.

There is a wire holder, where you can put the extra ear phone wire or head phone wire so that it doesn’t tangle round while running. You get to choose from three colors, Black, Green and White. The look is very modern and attractive. The build quality is strong and material is sweat resistant & odor free.

VUP provides a 30 days return window and a 3 year period for warranty. Means you can freely use the armband and not worry about anything else.

Quad Lock Run Kit

Quad Lock has a special Arm-Band for your iPhone. This arm-band is very unique in the way it is build, you do not get any pouch to enter your iPhone into. You tie the sports band around your arm and put on the iPhone case (comes in the box). Now, all you need to do it rotate and lock your iPhone to the sports band. That’s it.

The iPhone case is not just usable with the sports band but can also be used for various other purposes, such as attached to your cycle, bike and car as well as to a tripod. The over all look is very modern and sporty. Not having any protective pouch makes it a little risky, but the grip is pretty solid. You need not worry about the phone and continue your jog / run.

However there is nothing mentioned about the warranty of the arm-band. But it seems pretty strong and not an easily breakable accessory. You can get this arm-band for your iPhone 6 till iPhone XS. The company also sells the sport band separately, in case you damage it or loose it.

Tune Belt Armband for Running

Tune Belt is into the market for last 30 years (claim by the company), being an experienced player you know what people are exactly looking for. So, the arm-band they provide has extra soft wrapping material. It helps to keep your skin from any rashes and harm.

There is a transparent pouch to hold the iPhone, you can use your iPhone with case on and yet fit it easily into the pouch. The arm is good looking but the most important thing is that it is very confortable while using. Not that heavy, but if you consider to remove the iPhone case, you can make it even more lighter.

There is a pocket behind to store some card and cash, so you do not have to worry to carry your wallet. Rather just push in some cash or a card and you’ll be good to go. This is a very handy feature in case you visit some place right after your run or jog. The company claims to provide a very responsive customer care service.

Gear Beast Sports Hand Held Running Case

Gear Beast Sports have something different to offer. So, if you do not like to hang your iPhone around your arm while running, you can hold it in your palm. Just insert your iPhone to the pouch and wrap your palm into the strap. And you’re ready to go.

The strap ensures there is no contact of sweat to your iPhone and there is enough room for your headphones to plug in. The strap is adjustable according to your comfort level. There is also a slot at the back of the iPhone pouch to store some cash, card or keys. This makes it easy for you to focus on your run and not worry about anything else.

There is a fairly secure grip for your iPhone, which means it is safe and protected. You can use your iPhone 6 Plus to iPhone Xs Max. It should be easy to use without any trouble. The company however, did not mention about any warranty or customer service.


It is without any doubts, very comfortable to listen to music while running. It helps you stay focussed and keeps you away from the surrounding noises. Though, there are various options to choose from but not every arm-band is capable of providing the same comfort level. You can choose any one out of the above mentioned options. Every one of them shall be a great pick from the market.

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