Best Father’s Day 2019 Tech Gifts Ideas for your Geeky Father

Father's Day is that day of the year when we're looking to do anything to make our Fathers feel special and loved. This Father's Day 2019, gift a piece of tech to your Father and make his be a part of the today's growing Tech Society to make his life easy and happy.

best father day tech gift idea

Fathers are one of the most important part of our life and we often lack at appreciating their efforts in our life. But on one day during the entire year, we try and do everything to make our fathers feel special and proud of us. That day is non other than Father’s Day.

Well, as you might know that Father’s Day is around. You would be looking for some mind blowing gift for your father. A gift that can make him feel special and give us the satisfaction of doing something great for our life’s hero. There are few common gifts, such as flowers, clothes, photo frames, etc. But they are no longer exciting. You yourself just take a moment to think, to how many people you would have gifted flowers. They are pretty common these days.

For our Life’s Hero, we need something that makes his life easier during his elderly age. As you are pretty much aware of the fact that our superior generation is not very familiar and confortable with technology. They are unable to take the advantage of technology of today’s world.

So, why not gift your father a piece of tech that shall help in easing his life and at the same time give you a warm satisfaction. But what exactly can you gift? There are a huge number of tech products. Well, we have selected a list of 10 products that can surely make Father’s Day 2019 special.

Best Father’s Day Tech Gift 2019

Each one of these are one in a kind of tech. They can be significantly helpful in easing your father’s life.

  1. Apple Watch
  2. iPhone Xs
  3. iPad
  4. AirPods (Wireless Earphones)
  5. Power Bank
  6. Universal Power Adapter
  7. Digital Pen for iPhone/iPad
  8. iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch Wireless Charger
  9. iPhone Charging Dock
  10. Amazon Echo

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is one of the most smart wearable tech. One of the premium products from Apple, it helps users to simplify their iPhone usage and do a lot of tasks right from their Apple Watch. Along with that, Apple Watch is a great health wear tech. The operating system, watchOS, is a smart intelligent system Artificial Learning. So much so that, it can detect when a person falls and is unable to get-up on it’s own and calls the emergency services. It also now has in-built ECG (Electrocardiogram). Over the years, Apple has been able to make it the most advanced tech which can track your health in a lot of manners.

iPhone Xs

Talking about Smart Phones, iPhones are one of the easily usable smart phones. They run on iOS, which is a a very simple and easy to use operating system. Similar to Apple Watch, iPhones are advanced too. Your father would love to click and capture amazing memories from the advanced camera of the iPhone Xs. It can be very easy for your father to learn to use it. And best if he is already having a smart phone which runs android, his headache can be minimised at a greater scale.


So, if your father is an elderly person, iPad can be a great option. It is easy to operate and handy at use. iPads are the smart tablets, where-in your father can enjoy watching content, listening to music, read news & books, watching occasional movies and in case he wishes to work, he can do that right on his iPad. It is similar to a package deal. The camera on iPad is also good enough to capture few pictures.

AirPods (Wireless Earphones)

If listening to music is what you father is a fan of, then this can be the go to option. The music experience of AirPods is just amazing. The level of bass and the clarity of speakers is unmatchable. They provide a complete high quality music experience. Not just listening to music, your father can connect it to their iPhone, iPad, Laptop, or even Android Mobile. You can also choose some other wireless earphones but the experience and the quality satisfaction of AirPods is not matchable.

Power Bank

While often people forget to charge their devices on time to ensure enough power to go through the day, Power Banks are the saviours. Assuming your father is an elderly person, he shall need to worry about charging his mobile or any other device, if he has a good powerful power bank. According to us, Ankur is a leading player in manufacturing Power Banks. Ankur Power Banks charge quickly and provide enough juice to charge a mobile phone couple of times.

Universal Power Adapter

Guessing your father is a more of a travel person, a universal power adapter can be very helpful for him. A Universal Power Adapter has all the types of power adapter pins required all over the world. So, he need not worry any more and break his head on deciding and buying different Power Adapters for different places he travels to. He can just carry one single Universal Power Adapter and travel to any part of the world, provided it has electricity supply.

Digital Pen for iPhone/iPad

There are few people who are not so friendly with using their fingers for a touch screen device. Possibly, your father can be the one, it would be great for him to get a Digital Pen which he can use with any of the Touch Screen Devices for easily using the device and not using his fingers for the Touch Functions.

iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch Wireless Charger

Wireless charging is taking over the traditional charging. More and more devices today support wireless charging. While there are a few of them which require the device to be placed at a certain point but others have multiple coils. Which makes it easy to use, just drop your iPhone, AirPods or Apple Watch at any point on the surface and it’ll start charging. This can be very good choice, considering your father will be able to get rid of three extra cables and carry or use just a single Wireless Charger.

iPhone Charging Dock

A similar to concept to wireless charging, but iPhone Charging Dock, keeps your iPhone up straight to enjoy content. They are easy to use and you need to pick your iPhone to check the notifications as well. If your father uses a desk for working or just spends most of his time in the living room, this can be a great Father’s Day Gift for him in 2019.

Amazon Echo

There is a possibility where-in people like to listen to music but do not like earphones. So, in such a case, wire-less speakers can be a great choice. Is your father one of them? Then he shall love the Smart Speaker from Amazon – Amazon Echo Plus. They are smart and powered by Alexa [Virtual Assistance by Amazon]. They also do look modern and their sound is loud and crisp. Your father can ask any random question and Alexa shall respond to it. It could be a great fun deal for your father this father’s day.


You have a very short time in your hand to decide the best gift for your Father this Father’s Day 2019. As suggested, you can randomly pick any of the 10 suggested products from above to make your Father feel special on his day this year. Right from Apple Watch to a Wireless Charging Dock, your father will love the gift you choose from above.

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