Best External Hard Drive for Mac

While buying an external hard disk for your Mac, you might want to consider a lot of options and features. Does the drive needs to be desktop version or you want it light and easy to carry along. Let us look at everything at a glance.

best external portable hard disk mac

Build-in storage of every MacBook is not enough. The storage over a period of time does fall short for the data and work to continue in a flow. This is the time when you need to get an External Hard Disk. It helps you to expand you storage and depending upon your choose you shall be able to take it along with you places.

You might be thinking, why not just get a bigger storage in your build-in storage from Apple itself. But if you have taken a look at the price of the storage expansion Apple charges, you can get almost twice or sometimes thrice the storage in the form of external drive.

This not only allows you to save few extra bucks, but also allows you to have more storage at your disposal. It is very helpful in many ways, while the flash storage in your Mac cannot be used with other devices, your external hard disk can easily be.

But while choosing the best external hard disk, there are a lot of things you need to keep in mind. Because you do not want to make a decision in rush and end up choosing the wrong one.

Storage Capacity

It is very important to identify, how much storage will you be requiring. Depending upon my experience about storage and hard disk, if you’re working more with documents and files, such as, excel and word, than 1 TB should be enough for you.

In case you need to storage media files and documents, you can choose from 2 TB, 3 TB or 4 TB. While, if you’re into the media industry, you shoot a lot of videos or run a YouTube channel, you might need storage option of around 10 TB.

However, above mentioned storages are just a suggestion and your actual requirement may vary.

Desktop External Hard Drive

In case, you do not know, desktop external drives are the one which require an external power supply to function. This means, you’ll not be able to take it along and use the drive on the go. If you’re buying an external hard disk for working on a fixed desk or working on any desk which will be having a power output, than this can be your choice.

Desktop drives are heavy as compared to the normal ones and also do require extra case while handling and using them. However, you can use it with both, Mac and Windows PC.

Best External Hard Disk for Mac

If above is not the case and you want to be able to take your hard disk with you places and want it to be light and quick. Then, you should consider a normal external drive and having a 3.0 output will even more fast. However, most of the hard disks now a days have a 3.0 output, but before buying, you should confirm it once.

Let us now, take a look at the best 10 external hard disks you can buy for your Mac.

Now, it is in your hands, Above mentioned, all the 10 external hard disks are the best available in the market. You will have to pick your capacity choice, but picking up any of the above will ensure you external storage expansion and smooth flow of files and documents.

  1. Seagate Portable External Hard Drive
  2. Western Digital Elements Portable External Hard Drive
  3. Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable External Hard Drive
  4. Seagate Backup Plus Hub for Mac
  5. WD My Passport for Mac
  6. WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive
  7. Western Digital Elements Desktop Hard Drive
  8. G-DRIVE USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive
  9. Seagate Backup Plus Slim External Hard Drive

Seagate Portable External Hard Drive

Seagate being of the leading storage provider, which helps it to provide an expert solution. This Seagate portable external hard-disk can easily be plugged into a Mac and start using it. It is very light weight and is very easy to carry along. The hard-disk supports USB 3.0, this ensures faster data transfer to Mac or to Hard Disk. There is also a 18-inch USB 3.0 cable included, so you need not break your mind on managing the cable for using the hard-disk. Also, the company provides a one year warranty, this also helps you to use the hard-disk without any worries. The company covers any problems for you.

Western Digital Elements Portable External Hard Drive

Western Digital (WD) also being a leading player is the market. It provides a though competition to Seagate. This is a portable external hard-disk which can be easily used with a Mac. Which means, this hard-disk in-spite of looking bulky is very light weight. This hard-disk supports both, USB 2.0 and 3.0, if you want to use it with a USB 2.0 supported desktop or computer, you can do so. Along with that, the best part is the two-year warranty provided by the company. An extended warranty for your hard-disk can be a huge relief.

Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable External Hard Drive

Toshiba has to offer a sleek and modern looking hard-disk. This is also a light weight, portable external hard-disk. There is not much or a difference in the offering from Toshiba. It also does support USB 2.0 and USB 3.0, a faster way of transferring data to and from your Mac. You can use a Windows 7, 10 or macOS and yet do not have to install any software for using this hard-disk. A similar offering as Seagate and WD, just that you get a difference manufacturer providing the same offering. Toshiba also includes a one-year warranty along with this portable external hard-disk.

Seagate Backup Plus Hub for Mac

As the name suggests, this external hard-disk can be a backup hub for all your devices. There are two high speed, USB 3.0 ports, to connect your mobile phones and backup the data on them and charging them, at the same time. You can easily use this external hard-disk between a Windows PC and Mac without having to format the drive. When you buy the Seagate Backup Hub for Mac, you can exclusive 2 months access to Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and an additional way to backup your iPhone or Android mobile. You can easily download the Seagate Backup app from App Store or Google Play Store and backup your mobile to Seagate Drive. Due to the bulky size, it will be not very easy to travel with this hard-disk along.

WD My Passport for Mac

WD provides a Mac specific and a friendly solution for all Mac users. This external hard-disk is ready-to-use as Time Machine to backup your Mac. While, you can also use it as a normal drive to expand your storage capacity. This is a portable hard-disk for external use, which also is very light in weight. The hard-disk includes a 3 year warranty right in the box. WD also provides an option to encrypt the data stored on this external hard-disk. The company also includes a USB-C and USB-A cable in the box. If you Mac supports USB-C, than you need not worry to get a converter to use this hard-disk. All the provided features and additional cable makes it very interesting deal and value-offer for the customer.

WD My Book Desktop External Hard Drive

WD takes equal care of frequent travellers as much as of desk user. This hard-disk is a very attractive deal for a person who is on his desk all day. The hard-disk supports USB 3.0 and with the included WD software, you can backup your Windows PC, automatically and it also supports Time Machine, if you’re on Mac. WD also provides an option to encrypt the data being backed up and stored on the hard-disk. The company also provides a three-year warranty period, so you can trust WD can backup your data on this external hard-disk. You definitely will not be able to travel along with this hard-disk, as there is additional power required to make it function.

Western Digital Elements Desktop Hard Drive

If you’re a person who prefers to use your computer right from your desk and want to have a hard-disk to store the backup of your data you’re working on, this can be your choice. This external hard-disk stands like a tower and also supports USB 3.0. It is ready to plug-and use with Windows PC, but if you’re using Mac than you might need to format it to start using it. Design of the external hard-disk is traditional tower style and can be a catchy decoration item on your desk. The company provides a two-year warranty along with this hard-disk.

G-DRIVE USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive

G-Technology comes with a Mac centric solution in the market. This G-Drive comes in a ready to plug and use format for Mac. So, you can easily connect it to your Mac and start using it as a storage expansion or a backup drive, as it is Time Machine ready and in compatible format. The design is a solid all-aluminium and gives a classic look to the hard-disk. The colour option is just the silver option, you cannot opt for any other colour option. When used for Time Machine, the external hard-disk supports a 195 MB/s transfer rate and when used as a normal hard-disk for storage expansion it supports 165 MB/s transfer rate. G-technology provides a three-year warranty period for the hard-disk. Which means you can easily backup your data to it and keep it safe.

Seagate Backup Plus Slim External Hard Drive

Seagate ensures to provide some classy products in it’s list of offering. This external hard-disk is a portable seagate external drive and features a metallic look. This hard-disk supports USB 3.0 and also gives you a two-month access to Adobe Creative Cloud membership. Seagate offers a software along with this hard disk, called Backup Plus. The software is responsible for taking a backup of your computer on daily bases and ensure complete safety of data. You can also use it along with a Mac and Time Machine, it will require a format though. The company provides a two-warranty tenure to cover all your problems.


It can be very hard to choose the best external hard disk for Mac because of the variety of options available in the market. But personally speaking, my experience with Seagate and WD has been amazing. Not just the product but their customer support is also very good. So, now you can make the right choice for yourself and continue the work flow.

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