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Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone in 2019 – Enjoy quality music on iPhoneX, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus

With the wide variety of options for Bluetooth Speakers in the market, it is very difficult to make the choice and choose the Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone. So, we researched and short-listed top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone in 2019. Take a look at our review for each of them and buy the Best Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone in 2019 for you.


Listening to Music is something almost everyone is fond of. And if you’re reading this article that means you’re deep into Music. Music according to me just acts like the cherry toppings on a cake, which makes every moment just extra special and more enjoyable.

Over the years, we’ve listen to Music on various different devices and I guess the best experiences were when you heard them out from a Speaker. Using your iPhone’s speakers or earphones is fine. But nothing can match the experience of a Speaker. That extra bass is just needed all the time.

So, when the experience of listening to Music is best of a speaker, then why not get one? Because the wired speakers are fine, but the best ones are the Bluetooth Speakers. They are just very convenient, easy to charge. Connect with your iPhone and Enjoy the Music! You can also take them along any and everywhere.

But selecting the Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone in 2019 isn’t easy. There are huge number of options and prices available in the market. Which gets very confusion when choose one out of thousands.

How to buy the Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone in 2019?

For you guys, we took a step ahead and search for all the best possible Bluetooth Speakers. The listen was narrowed down to 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone. Just read our Buyer’s Guide below for each one of them and select the best out of these 10.

Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone in 2019

We got our hands on each of them and tested them personally. After testing all the 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone, we came up with our review for them. This shall help you better. Because online sites publish the best descriptions just to sell their products. But we’ve tried and tested these Bluetooth Speakers and want to share our experience with you all, to help you make the best decision.

  1. JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker
  2. OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  3. Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker
  4. Zosam Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  5. POWERADD MusicFly II Bluetooth Speakers
  6. XLeader Portable Speaker
  7. A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
  8. COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers
  9. DOSS Bluetooth Speakers
  10. AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker

JBL is the leader in the Music and Sound Industry. Flip 4 is the 4th Edition of this speaker. The speaker is a tall standing tower, coming at a height of 6.9 inches. Serving a stereo sound, the speaker have in-build woofers. Which help increase the bass for premium listening experience.

It can be connected with 2 devices simultaneously and can connect up-to 100 Flips at a time to amplify the music experience. There is in-build noise and echo cancellation for better Virtual Assistance as well as Call experience. The speaker comes with a 3,000 mAh Li-ion battery which provides a continuous 12 hours of listening.

The outer material is waterproof and comes with a IPx7 rating. Which means you can take a div into the water with the speaker along and no worry about anything going wrong. There are 7 different colour options available.

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OontZ Angle 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

OontZ Angle 3 is a power bluetooth speaker. It features a downward facing powerful bass radiators, which enhances the bass to another extent. The speaker is a triangular shaped, which provides a larger surface area for sound output. There is also AUX 3.5 mm jack, this allows you to stream music and play music from the devices which do not have bluetooth.

The speaker comes with a 2,500 mAh rechargeable battery which can provide a 14 hours of streaming. But for getting a 14 hours of battery life, the volume should be at 2/3 of the maximum volume. The speaker also features a IPx5 rating, which means it can resist water splashes. However, you cannot get this speaker into the water.

The connectivity range is pretty good. While streaming music from your iPhone, it can be 100 feet away from the speaker yet their wouldn’t be any glitches. But you should ensure that there are no obstacles between the two devices.

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Anker Soundcore Bluetooth Speaker 

Anker has a 6.5 inches wide rectangular bluetooth speaker. Available in three different colours – Black, Red and Blue. The speaker features 2 6W speakers. This helps in increasing the sound output, also the 6.5″ wide output helps for louder sound output.

There is a 24 hours battery back, so a 24 hours charge free experience. Which means the party shouldn’t stop. The speaker weighs 12.9 ounces, which makes it a light weight portable Bluetooth Speaker. So, you can easily carry it along with you where ever you go.

Having a connectivity range of 66 feet and a IPx5 rating, this makes the speaker a good choice for outdoor parties. You cannot not div into water with it, but it can handle few splashes. The company also provides a 18 months warranty period, so you can enjoy the music and leave the tension on the company.

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Zosam Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Zosam provides a powerful and versatile speaker. This one is a circular shaped with USB, AUX 3.5 mm Jack, SD Slot and Bluetooth connectivity. Which means, you can easily connect any device to this speaker. It has a built-in 520 mAh battery with a 3-4 hours of playback time.

The speaker weighs 0.64 ounces, which makes the speaker light weight and portable. It also features a LED light surrounding the speaker. The LED makes the music listening experience even more cheerful. With 32 feet of connectivity range, you can enjoy music without even staying near to the speaker.

The speaker also has FM function, so if you are bored with your playlist for a change you can listen to FM radio. There is a build-in mic, which helps you make calls with clear voice. Once you’re done, you do not have to even touch your phone and cut the call right from the speaker. Above this, company provides a 30 days money-back and a 12 months warranty period.

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POWERADD MusicFly II Bluetooth Speakers

PowerAdd, just similar to it’s name, provides MusicFly II. The speaker is rectangular in space but looks like a tough armour. The design is pretty solid and this also makes it Waterproof, Dust proof and Sand proof. There are two 13W speaker drivers combined with two 5W sub-woofers. This combination makes the speaker loud enough.

With up-to 24 hours of playback time, the speaker also carries a IPx7 rating. You can submerge it into water up-to 1 meter of depth and keep there for 30 mins without any problems. In-case something goes wrong, there is a 24 months of warranty as a backup. So you can enjoy the music the way you like and not worry about anything.

The best thing I liked about the speaker is the emergency USB power out-put. Which allows you to charge your iPhone from the speaker in case of emergency. Tough it isn’t any fast charger, but it can save your iPhone from dying.

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XLeader Portable Speaker

XLeader Portable Speaker is circular shaped speaker. The top surface features a touch sensitive area. The buttons have a backlit light, to make the buttons visible in low visibility situations. There is a 40mm 3W speaker drive with a sub-woofer, which makes it way louder as compared to it’s size.

There are various options for connectivity. In case there is no bluetooth, you can anytime use AUX 3.5 mm Jack (AUX cable included in the box) or insert a Micro SD Card. It has a build-in 1,000 mAh Battery with a playback time of 12 hours with 60% volume.

Weighing at just 6.4 ounces, it is a light weight speaker. Which can be easily taken along for every outing. Also, the connectivity range stretches up-to 33 feet, making it easy to get along with. However, the speaker is good for indoor uses and not that great for outdoor uses.

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A2 LENRUE Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A2 Lenrue Portable Speaker is also circular in shape. The over-all size is pretty small, but the sound quality is good. There is a 3W speaker driver in the middle with a sub-woofer at the bottom. There is a LED light at the bottom, which is a mood changer when looked at while playing music.

The speaker has a 1,000 mAh battery which provides a playtime of 4 to 5 hours. There are various options for connecting to the speaker – Bluetooth, AUX, Micro SD Card. However, it weighs only 5 ounces and is portable. The company also provides a 6 months warranty, so you can stay stress free.

The thing I dis-liked about the speaker is the location of the buttons, they are at the bottom. So, for anything you must pick the speaker in the hand or else you cannot. Also, there is a silicon grip around the buttons, which provides grip to the speaker and protects the buttons at the same time.

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COMISO Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Comiso Speaker has a modern looking design with a wrist handle to wrap it around your wrist and carry along. The speaker look like a circular tower with a height of 6.5 inches. There is a 6W speaker driver with a woofer for premium sound quality. The set-up is such that the speaker is capable of providing a complete 360 degree output.

The battery on the speaker is 4,400 mAh which provides a playback time of 36 hours. However the battery back may vary depending upon the output volume over the time. True Wireless Stereo enables two such speakers to amplify the sound and makes it way too loud.

The speaker comes with a IPx5 rating, so you can carry it along at a pool site or beach. But cannot take it into the water, it can resist splashes only. The design protects the speaker’s body for a longer life. However, if there are any issues you can get in touch with the company for a resolution to the problem.

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DOSS Bluetooth Speakers

Doss has a solid looking design. The speaker looks powerful and simple. There are two 10W speaker drivers combines with a 15W woofer and sub-bass radiators. This is a deadly combination, making this speaker very loud. But it isnot always about being loud, at the same time the sound should be clear and accurate. And this speaker does the job smoothly.

The controller buttons are right at the top, which makes them easy to access. The battery on this speaker is large enough at 2,200 mAH. But with that much space, the battery could be a little more larger for a better play back time. However, in case there is no bluetooth device available for streaming, you can use the 3.5MM AUX Jack or insert a SD Card. Also, the speaker has a connectivity range of 33 feet, so you can roam anywhere and yet play music smoothly.

The company provides a 12 months warranty. So in case of any problems during the periods, you can get in touch for a quick solution. Weighing at 4.36 pounds, the speaker is a little heavy and cannot be taken along everywhere.

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AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker

Aukey came up with a tough armour like looking speaker. But you must know this is not just looking like a tough armour, it is one. It features two 5W speaker drivers with bass boosting bass radiators. The tough armour design makes the speaker waterproof as well as shock proof.

It comes with a huge 5,200 mAh battery which provides a play back timing of up-to 30 hours. With just one hour of charge, you can get 5 hours of play back. Along with Bluetooth 4.2, you can also use the 3.5 MM AUX Jack.

After all that power house features, the speaker weighs only 1.4 pounds. Which makes it even portable. There are hanging point for outdoor adventures, which is very strong as well. There is a screw thread included as well. Above that, the company provides a 45 days money-back period and a 24 months of warranty. Which makes it worth every penny.

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Out of the thousands of speaker companies available in the marketing, making numerous claims, you cannot just go with the on paper specifications. That is the exact reason why we got our hands-on these ten Best Bluetooth Speakers for iPhone in 2019 and share our experience of each one of them. Now, you just need to look into few of your requirements and choose the best one from the top ten.

iDeviceGuide Choice : AUKEY Bluetooth Speaker

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