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Ask Siri for directions using Google Maps and Waze on iOS 13

A smarter way to get direction on iOS 13, just Ask Siri and get directions in Google Maps and Waze app.


As we have been saying, iOS 13 makes your iPhone smarter than ever before. Here is an excellent example of that. Now, if you want to travel somewhere and get direction for your destination, ask Siri. It will show you directions using Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. This feature also works with CarPlay.

Along with the added features, Apple demonstrated this feature earlier. It was during the official announcement of iOS 13 during their Apple March Special Event.

On the stage, the company showed us how Ask Siri could be used to get directions on the Waze app. Which means, there is no need for you to open the application, search the destination, tap on getting Directions, and finally get the directions to your destination.

Ask Siri for Google Maps and Waze Directions

Now, with iOS 13, all you need to do is, activate Siri and ask for directions to your destination using either Google Maps or Waze. In case, you do not mention any app, Siri shall use the Apple Maps as the default application for directions and maps.

Personally, this feature is a fantastic alternative for everyone. Just imagine how easy it is going to be now to get directions to any of your destinations. And the best part is, you can get directions quickly while you are driving.

Which earlier was not possible, as you had to take your iPhone in your hand and enter the destination to get the directions. Well, this only applied if you use Google Maps or Waze or any other application other than Apple Maps.

Especially for countries where-in, Apple Maps does not function; it is something everyone is going to love and use on a daily bases.

Google Maps and Waze are two maps and navigation applications available for free on the App Store. If you have not used them till now, you can go to the App Store and try them out.

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