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Apple’s New Apple Watch 4 affecting the Sales of the Entire Jewellery Industry


So, you might be aware that Apple in one of it’s recent events launched 3 new smartphones along with the smartest watch ever. So, let’s talk about these 4 products that were launched breifly first. Apple came up with it’s new flagship iPhone, iPhone Xs starting at a price tag of US$ 999, the Plus varient named iPhone Xs Max starting at a price tag of US$ 1,099 and the budget smartphone, called the iPhone Xr starting at US$ 749.

Now, let’s talk about the Apple Watch, so the all new Apple Watch Series 4 starts at a price tag of US$ 399 for the GPS Model and US$ 499 for the model GPS + Cellular. And goes upto US$ 1,400 for the luxury watch created with Hermes.

After the launch of Apple Watch Series 4, people are loving it so much that more and more people are willing to buy the Watch 4 or gift it to someone close to them this Holiday Season. Which means that they will be spending a little more than their planned budget due to which they will have to compromise on the other spendings and which will cut short the spendings on the Jewellery Stores. This is because they might buy a mid-range budget watch for themselves or their loved ones but now that Apple has come up with such a piece of Tech they can’t resist it.

As noted by MarketWatch, Citizen’s Bank explains that by charging more for its “essential tech products,” Apple is taking a larger share of discretionary spending in general. This year more than past years, Citizens Bank expects the jewellery industry to take a hit from this due to the new Apple Watch.

“By charging more for these essential tech products, it’s taking share of wallet from other discretionary items,” said Jaime Ward, group head of Citizens Bank’s retail finance group. “Jewellery will unfortunately be hurt by that.”

Meanwhile, Cascend Securities expects Apple to sell 10 million Apple Watch units during the December quarter, with sales accounting for “almost $9 billion” for 2018 as a whole.

“We expect Apple will sell almost 10 million watches in the December quarter, and could account for almost $9 billion total calendar year 2018 sales,” wrote Cascend Securities. “Competing watches expected for the holiday season from Google and others are unlikely to be an issue for Apple: customers already in the Apple ecosystem will stay with the Apple Watch to use the combined features.”

Lastly, Deloitte economic forecaster Daniel Bachman put the Apple Watch’s appeal rather bluntly. “The cool item to get under the Christmas tree is an Apple Watch, not necessarily a watch from the local jewellery store,” he said.

Also there have been a lot of increase in the sales of the Apple Watch as it turned out to be the most advanced piece of tech one can carry on his wrist. Though the sales are not as high as of an iPhone but definitely high for a wearable tech Watch.

Earlier this year Apple was talking to buy out the entire Swiss Watch Industry, so there are some details running on to that as well and we might get to hear some great news some time soon.

Are you buying yourself or someone this Holiday Season a new piece of wearable tech, the all new Apple Watch Series 4, if so, share with us in the comment section below.

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