Apple’s iOS 13 shall Help Improve your iPhone’s Battery

Apple is trying to improve the battery life of iPhones. But at the same time, they need to adjust just the software as hardware remains the same. With iOS 13, Apple has added Optimised Battery Charging to improve battery performance and life-span.

ios 13 opmitised battery charging hidden feature

As you might have read about this year’s software update from Apple for iPhone, iOS 13. The update is one of the major updates, with added features and improved user experience. Apple is constantly trying to add to iOS 13 that can improve the user experience.

During the WWDC 2019, Apple announced the successor to iOS 12. And one of the hidden features of iOS 13 is the ability improve your iPhone’s Battery performance and battery life. It is an in-built feature which is accessible on all iPhones running iOS 13.

However, iOS 13 will be made available to the public later this year, during September. But there is not harm in knowing about what you shall be updating to in advance.

iOS 13 Hidden Feature

If you head to Setting > Battery > Battery Health, you’ll see an option Optimised Battery Charging. This is the hidden feature in iOS 13, which shall help in improving your iPhone’s battery life and performance. It is more of a software oriented process which ensures that your iPhone’s battery lasts longer than before.

What is Optimised Battery Charging?

It is a technique, which prevents your iPhone from charging more than 80%. The Li-ion battery used in iPhones, can easily charge up-to 80% without any struggle. But with continuous charging over night, thought the battery isn’t charging, there is energy flow. When you keep your iPhone for charging over night, it quickly charges to 100% early in night. Later, over the night, it ensures that 100% charge is maintained.

While, with Optimised Battery Charging, your iPhone will not charge more than 80%. And with the smart artificial learning added to iOS 13. Your iPhone will analyse when you need to use your iPhone based on your past usage and keep it charged at that time.

For example, if you get up at 6 am and use your iPhone and put it to charge at around 10 pm. Your iPhone will be charged up-to 80% and stay at 80%. Right before 6 am, it will be charged up-to 100%. This ensures you getting a completely charged iPhone while at the same time safety of your battery is maintained.

Apple says this can be a helpful feature in improving the life-span of the battery and make it last longer than before.


As of now, iOS 13 is under development with developers having access to it. But over the time, once the public starts using it, we shall get to know about any improvement in battery life or no. If you wish to install iOS 13, you can also Install iOS 13 on your iPhone.

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