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Apple Glasses – Apple’s Augmented Reality Glasses Release Date , Rumours and News

Apple has recently started working aggressively on Augmented Reality. We have seen many rumours about the upcoming not confirm Apple Glasses. In this article we will take a look at the concept of Apple Glasses, it's release date and the latest news updates.


There are some leaks coming into the reality and talking about the upcoming Apple Glasses. Apple Glasses are the Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses from Apple. These are planned to see the light of the day by Late 2020 or Early 2021.

According to a Report from Guo Minghao, an analyst at Tianfeng International Securities. Augmented Reality is the future of Apple and can provide a huge growth to Apple in the coming years. As AR as well as VR requires huge amount of resources in terms of money, man power, systems, etc. Which all are available with Apple.

Also, it has been a very long time since has launched something unique and different since the iPad. That too was launched by Late Steve Jobs and not Tim Cook. Apart from AirPods and HomePods, Apple does need to launch something interesting for the market.

New Apple Augmented Reality Glasses

Apple has been working on the Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology since couple of years now. We have been seeing patents being filed by Apple for such technologies over the years. Specially in the European market.

There are also many rumours for Apple to have a secret team working on developments of AR and VR consisting of hundreds of people. This means that Apple has some solids plans in mind, which we have no idea about. As of now, all we can do is just sit back and wait for an official announcement.

What is Augment Reality?

So, if you have an idea about the recently launched concept Virtual Reality. It would not be very difficult for you to understand Augmented Reality.

In case of Virtual Reality, we have to put a handset on to our eyes and you get a 360 degree experience of the projected content. But in this case, you cannot see anything from the real world.

This is where Augmented Reality comes into picture, so Augmented Reality puts the projected content in front of the real world. So, you see the projected content along with the real world.

Talking about examples, Pokemon Go, the application / game used your iPhone’s camera and the screen to project the Pikachu in front of you. In your real world, without it actually being there.

What is Apple ARKit?

Apple’s Augmented Reality Kit, launched during the WWDC 2017. Is a platform for the developers to develop Augmented Reality Applications for iOS. This is with aim for a future of iOS which is very much realistic and user friendly.

At the time of it’s launch we had no idea, Apple could be using the platform for development of it’s upcoming product – Apple Glasses.

However, Apple ARKit is one of the most leading platforms for AR development provided to the developers.

Apple Glasses Alternatives or Competitors?

There are no many alternative or competitors for the upcoming Apple Glasses. Just to mention a few:

  • SnapChat Spectacles
  • Google Glass
  • Microsoft HoloLens

Snapchat Spectacles – A wearable device from Snapchat which allows people to snap right from their glasses. So, no need to take out your mobile and open snapchat. Just tap on the glasses and they send a snap story right from there.

Google Glasses – They did see the light of the day and people did buy it. But overall it was a failure. So, Google decided to call it off very soon after the launch. The overall design was pretty good but the Google Glasses weren’t entirely AR glasses.

Microsoft HoloLens – These were a little focused towards business world rather than consumers. Available in very limited stock and provided to developers to work on their projects. Not exactly an alternative or competitor of Apple Glasses.

Apple Glasses Release Date

As of now, there is no official statement from Apple about Apple Glasses. But we hope to see Apple Glasses in the Apple Stores somewhere by Late 2020 or Early 2021.

However, there are a lot of rumours and leaks. There are analysts and reporters working on it, to figure the next step of Apple.

From a report published yesterday, we get to know that Apple has plans of working on Apple Glasses as a mass production project. The production can take place between the fourth quarter of 2019 to second quarter of 2020.

Before which we also saw a report from BloomBerg, talking about Apple’s work on AR Glasses. However there were no comments from the company about it. Apple has been working on the project since years and now they are all set to bring it to the public.

Apple AR Glasses Features

As mentioned before, there is not much to say at this moment. But with help of the leaks information we can do say that Apple is working on producing light weight thin glasses. These glasses shall act as an accessory to the iPhones.

At first, we have seen Apple file for patent of an display that can be put on the car’s windshields. So, Apple can use the similar technology to build the Apple Glasses. The Glasses shall get the content from the iPhone and project everything is front of you with help of Augmented Reality Technology.

iPhone shall function as a device which will be used only for networking and computing. This is because Apple cannot put all the hardware in the tiny Glasses. So, functioning is all inside the iPhone just the project is from the Apple AR Glasses.

Apple AR Glasses Price

As of now there is no one in the same exact field. But we can take some reference from Snapchat Spectacles. But the Snapchat Spectacles are very basic in nature with basic functioning.

Which will not be the case with Apple Glasses. So, we if the Snapchat Spectacles were priced at US$ 130, the Apple Glasses can arrange somewhere around US$ 500.

But nothing is sure as of now, you can stay tuned for more updates on the Apple Glass, AirPods 2 and lot more at iDeviceGuide.

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