Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Confirm – Enhanced Sleep Monitoring and Battery Management

Apple Watch will now be able to keep a better track of your sleep using the new Sleep Tracking feature, coming soon.


There have been a lot of rumours about whether we will see a new Apple Watch this year or not. While, at the same time, there are words about the all new Sleep Tracking feature. The Apple Watch Sleep Tracking can help the user to monitor their sleep.

The rumours for the Sleep Tracking feature started when Apple bought Beddit, manufacturer of the Beddit Sleep Monitor product and companion app.

As reported first by 9to5Mac, they got the information from a source within Apple. The source, as mentioned, that the company is working on a sleep tracking feature, which may not require additional hardware.

What is Apple Watch Sleep Tracking?

The feature works when the user keeps wearing the Apple Watch while sleeping in bed. The Watch will then use the added sensors, noises and movements and monitor the sleep quality. It will help to know more about the sleeping habits of the users and act accordingly to see improvements in the coming days.

One contradiction to wear an Apple Watch while sleeping is that, many users put their Watch to charge during the night. So, wearing the Watch and charging it, both cannot be done at the same time. To solve which, Apple is developing a system, which shall remind the users to charge their Apple Watch during the evening. It will ensure, enough charge to get through the night.

Also, apart from which, there is a change in the Alarm system as well. The Watch will now also be using the alarm, and keep the iPhone as a backup. The user can opt for a with sound or only vibrating alarm for his Apple Watch.

In case, the user starts his day before the alarm rings; the Watch will detect the same and cancel the alarm. It ensures a smooth flow for the fresh morning start.

But, at this moment, we do not know when we will be able to see this feature. And does it require us to get the updated Apple Watch hardware? Or it can easily be added to the existing Watch as a software update. However, we can see the update releasing as soon as in a week during the September Event, or in a few months.

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