Apple Watch Series 5 – Price, Release Date and Worth the Upgrade?

A refreshed Apple Watch has been announced by Apple, here is everything you must know before buying the new Apple Watch Series 5!

Apple Watch Series 5 Features

Apple, during their September Special Event, announced the all new Apple Watch Series 5. But there is not much to count upon for 5. Mainly, we can call this an updated and refreshed model of Series 4 with few added features.

Why do I say that Series 5 is a refreshed version of Series 4 is because after Apple announced Series 5, it stopped selling Series 4. Which means Series 5 came out as a replacement for Series 4. Apple will continue selling Watch Series 3, starting at just $199.

Now, let us discuss everything there is about the Apple Watch Series 5, when can you pre-order it, the shipping date, price, and the most critical question – is it worth upgrading to Watch Series 5?

Apple Watch Series 5 Features

Well, initially there are not many features that have been added freshly to the new Watch Series 5. But the new features combined with the new watchOS 6, makes an even better user experience while using the Apple Watch Series 5.

Never Sleeping Display

Apple has changed the display of the Apple Watch. The company is trying to make it even easier for the users to use Apple Watch. Earlier, until Apple Watch 4, if you wanted to see the watch face, you had to tap on the display of your Apple Watch. Which is no longer required.

Apple Watch Series 5’s display stays on all the time. The company has added new sensors and engines to make this possible without losing on 18-hour long battery life. Which means, next time you want to see the time or complications on your Apple Watch, you can do so without tapping or moving your wrist.

Apple Watch Studio

Apple received feedback that customers love to customise their Apple Watches. Exchange bands and try on new build-materials. So, they added an all new studio to all of their Apple Store, called Apple Watch Studio.

In this studio, you can try on every single Apple Watch variant, and every type of Watch Band Apple provides. It will help you to get your hands-on all the variety of Apple Watches, which earlier was not possible. You could not exchange the watch bands on the demo models in the Apple Store.

The company is aiming to get more purchases for Apple Watch and improve the trend of Apple Watch by providing a unique customer experience for buying an Apple Watch.

New Build Materials

As the rumours said, the new Apple Watch will be available in two new build materials – Titanium and Ceramic. But in total, you get three new variants, as the titanium Apple Watch is available in two different colours – Black and White. While there is only one colour for ceramic Apple Watch – White.

The build material does not change what new can to do with the Apple Watch but does change the feel of using and wear it. The build material changes the exterior look of the Apple Watch, and I liked the titanium black version of Apple Watch Series 5.


As Apple introduces new studies for tracking the heart rate of the Apple Watch users, the ECG feature gets enhancements. Now, the tracking of your heart rate and heart rhythm is even faster and smarter.

Apple is also allowing users to share their data for improving the Heart Rate and Movements study. Overall, aiming at more accurate heart rate tracking.

Noise App

The noise app on your Apple Watch Series 5 is smarter than ever before; now it can track the Db of the noise/sound surrounding you. The Watch now tells you when the surround sound is loud and can affect your hearing power.

It is an effort by Apple with its noise study to help people stay safe by protecting their ear from being exposed to loud noises. You can also contribute to Apple Noise Study, only if you are in the United States.

Cycle Tracking App

The third study that Apple is conducting on Watch 5 is Cycle Tracking. According to the company, there is not much attention given to the women’s menstrual cycle tracking. The new Cycle Tracking App allows women to feed data into the app and then keep track of their menstrual cycle.

It will help women to keep a better track of their cycles and take the necessary action required at the right time.

Compass App

Apple has added a new application to the Watch, called Compass. We all know what a compass is and how it functions. But having it right at your wrist is something unique and exciting.

The Compass app on your Apple Watch shows you the direction you are heading at, the longitude and latitude of the location you are standing at, as well as the elevation level you are standing currently. Making it a minimal yet compact application, right at your wrist.

App Store

The App Store comes to Apple Watch finally. Now you can directly download the application on to your Apple Watch using the App Store on your Apple Watch. Earlier, you could install the apps available on your iPhone to your Apple Watch. But with the new Watch, you can download independent apps on your Apple Watch without the need of having it on your iPhone.

Apple Watch 5 Price

Apple Watch Series 5 prices are as below:

  • GPS Model (Aluminium)- Starting at $399
  • Cellular Model (Aluminium)- Starting at $499
  • Stainless Steel Model – Starting at $699
  • Titanium Model – Starting at $799
  • Ceramic Model – Starting at $1,299
  • Hermes Model – Starting at $1,399

After the launch of the Apple Watch Series 5, Apple has dropped Apple Watch 4 and reduced the price for Watch 3. Apple Watch Series 3 is now available starting at $199.

Watch 5 Release Date

The pre-order for Apple Watch Series 5 has already begun; you can now pre-order your Apple Watch 5 today. It will start shipping from September 20, which means that is the earliest date when you can get your hands on the new Apple Watch Series 5.

Is Apple Watch 5 Worth Upgrading?

Well, it depends on which model you have right now. If you are using an Apple Watch Series 4, I would personally not recommend you to upgrade. It is not going to worth the money that you will have to pay. And not forgetting, there is not much to take away when compared with Series 4.

In case you have Apple Watch 3 or 2 or 1 or Original, there is a reasonable probability for you to upgrade. Not a new or fresh watch, but as compared to the older models, it has way more to offer. Also, the processors on the Apple Watch do upgrade, which helps in faster task performance.


But the choice at the end of the day is yours. Do you want to upgrade to the new Apple Watch Series 5? If you’re going to or you are upgrading, do let us know in the comments below or on Social Networks – TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.


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