Apple Watch Series 5 Pre-Order $50 Discount Offer from Amazon

Apple Watch Series 5 was just announced last week and we already have discount offers on it. Let us find you a great deal for your upcoming Smart Watch.

apple watch series 5 offer amazon

As you must know, Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 5 during their Apple September Special Event. The Watch is the fifth-generation of their Apple Watch and went for pre-order right after the event ended.

On the official website of Apple, the company is selling it for $399. Which off-course is the starting range for the smartwatch from Apple. It can be difficult to find a place, which during the launch shall offer a great discount or offer.

But, there is always one or the other places who wants to grab new customers and offers discount to attract the customers.

Well, this retailer is not looking to grab new customers, as it already has enough of them. I am talking about Amazon. Yes, Amazon is offering $50 discount on the Apple Watch Series 5 (at the time of writing this article).

Buy Apple Watch Series 5 Aluminium on Amazon

The Aluminium casing Apple Watch has always remained the basic or the starting model of the series. Every-time, since the original Apple Watch, Aluminium has been the base model.

The official prices for the Apple Watch Aluminium casing is $399. But Amazon, is offering a $50 discount on it.

This can be a great deal, keeping in mind that Apple official store is yet taking the pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 5 and the shipping shall begin from September 20th.

There are three colour options available in the Aluminium Apple Watch Series 5 which is on discount – Rose Gold, Space grey and White. All three colours look amazing and the added new features to the Watch 5 makes usage experience even better.

Buy Apple Watch Series 5 Stainless Steel on Amazon

Talking about the premium Apple Watches, is when we talk about the Stainless Steel model. Adding the fine touch and the luxurious feeling to your hand, Apple Watch Stainless Steel starts at $799.

Well, again, thanks to Amazon, we are getting a discount of $50 on stainless steel Apple Watch 5 as well. But the space grey model is the only one which is available on the discount.

This stainless steel model is the 44mm – the bigger sized Apple Watch with GPS as well as Cellular configuration. Which means, you do not need to carry your iPhone along with your Apple Watch everywhere to be able to make phone calls using it.

Apple has streamlined the entire process and the experience to make calls directly from your Apple Watch is an amazing experience.

Currently, Amazon is offering this $799 Apple Watch to your for just $749. Which is a great bargain and no to miss deal.


Apple Watch is one of the most advanced smart-wearable device. It is not just a watch showing time, but can even track your heart rate using ECG. The experience of using such a watch is not comparable with any of the standard watches. I myself, personally have been using an Apple Watch since last 5 years. The time it was officially launched for the very first time.

Once you buy the Apple Watch from Amazon using the discount offer, do not forget to share the images with us over Social Networks – Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram.

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