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Apple TV Shows, Series, and Movies you must watch


How many of you have access to the all in one Apple Tv? But do not know the best and perfect tv shows and series that you should surely watch on your apple tv. Well, your problem is coming to an end now, as here we are with a list of the best Apple Tv shows and series and movies for you to watch. Enjoy!

Best Series and Shows :

  • See

This is a show in which a deadly virus destroys the entire human race after a catastrophic event, the survivors become blind.

Jason Momoa who is the father of the twins takes birth after a few years and gets the ability to see. He is shown as the protector of the whole tribe against the powerful queen willing to kill the twins.

Notable Artists –

  • Jason Momoa from Aquaman
  • Alfre Woodard from 12 Years a Slave
  • Dave Bautista.
  • Dickinson

It is a comedy show based on the life of a famed American poet Emily Dickinson, offering a funny take on Dickinson’s life.

It shows the constraints of this society, family, and gender from the point of view of a writer, saying that it is not accurate for its own time.

Dickinson’s second season is going to get premiered on January 8, 2021.

Notable Artists –

  • Hailee Steinfeld
  • Jane Krakowski
  • Ghostwriter

The ghostwriter is a recreation of the old famous TV show Ghostwriter. It has 4children collected by a strange ghost in a library (bookstore).All the 4 kids team up to free the fictional characters from the literature work.

The number of episodes in this show are 26.

  • Helpsters

This is a TV show made for children, created by Sesame Workshop together with Appel. It is made to make the preschoolers aware of the basics of coding. Its characters will be Cody together with a team who are fond of answering or solving problems.

So this is one of the best Apple tv show for children that you must have.

Apple TV

  • Fraggle Rock: Rock on

Fraggle Rock is a series mainly a short-form series, the episodes are usually small (3-5minutes) and are shot by using iPhones in producers’ houses. 

Some of its characters are –

  • Red Fraggle
  • Boober
  • Uncle Travelling
  • Snoopy in Space

The story of this show revolves around Snoopy whose vision of being an astronaut becomes true. He then along with Woodstock tag and peanut gang goes on a trip to NASA. 

The show is based on the theme of STEM education.

  • Truth Be Told

This show is inspired or based on a novel written by Kathleen Barber, focusing on the plot of a podcast that opens a murder case, same to a famous podcast ‘Serial’. Truth be told was earlier known as “Are You Sleeping”.

It shows what happens to the victim’s daughter and her life after the murder case reopens.

Notable Artists –

  • Octavia Spencer.
  • Aaron Paul.
  • Lizzy Caplan.
  • Ron Cephas Jones.
  • Elizabeth Perkins.
  • Mekhi Phifer.
  • Little America

It is an anthology kind series showcasing the humourous, romantic, overwhelmed, inspiring, and unpredictable life of the immigrants in America. Little America’s every episode has a different writer making it slightly different from other series. The content is extracted out of Epic Magazine.

Notable Writers  –

  • Kumail Nanjiani.
  • Emily V. Gordon.
  • Home Docuseries

This series shows the most extraordinary and exciting houses in the world. It gives a complete inside and outside look of the house. Home docuseries is a similar version of Extraordinary Homes and MTV Cribs.

Apple has asked for one hour of 10 episodes of the show.

Apple TV

  • Defending Jacob

It is based on one of the popular novels by William Landay with the same name. This drama series revolves around an unexpected crime in a remote town of Massachusettes.

In this drama series, the district attorney’s life is shattered when he comes to know that his son has been accused of murder.

Notable Artists –

  • Chris Evans
  • Jaeden Martell
  • Michelle Dockery

Best Movies to watch:

A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

  • This movie is created on the great values of Fred Rogers, who is portrayed as an upholding character in a cynical journalist’s story who discovers the significance of kindness.
  • A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood shows that being kind is extremely difficult, and the only easy thing is the practice of cynicism.
  • This movie has an intensely warm and balanced plot.

Long Shot

  • A long shot can be one of the best choices for your romantic date night.
  • It is a sweet and highly romance-based film evoking movies like Pretty Woman etc. The story revolves around a journalist who does speechwriting for the only beautiful teenage crush of his life.
  • The film is extremely funny and has a smooth going.

Knives out

  • This movie takes you on a mysterious thrill ride of unexpected twists, murder stories, conspiracy, etc. The situations of the death of the crime scene novelist are tricky and make the whole movie full of uncertainties.
  • It has specifically made shots with precision, every character is developed with full creativity, and the overall story is just perfect to see and worthy of your time.

Apple TV

Spider-Man: Far From Home 

  • This movie shows the reality of the lives of people who are not superheroes.
  • Here Peter Parker deals with two responsibilities that are duties of being a Spider-Man and working in the light of Iron Man’s legacy.
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home is a must-watch movie as it fits perfect for any age group, so have fun.

Ad Astra

  • The plot of this movie revolves around a son who is a brave astronaut going on a bold mission to Neptune to reveal the reality about his lost father and unexpected power.
  • The reason behind his father going miss is a voyage in the galaxy which was held 30 years ago by his father, although none of the astronauts neither the space crafts ever came back from Neptune.
  • Overall this is an adventurous space film revolving around an unsolved space mystery.

So these are the names and a quick overview of some of the best and must watch Apple Tv movies, shows, and series. You people will surely enjoy these masterpieces.

Do let us know in the comment section, what is your favorite show on Apple tv.

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