Apple to Add Depth Controller for Bokeh Effect in Camera App


Did you go through the iPhone launch event? If not, than this is all you need to know about it. During the event Apple while demonstrating iPhone Xs, did mention about a new feature that was – Depth Control.

Depth Effect on iOS 12.1 for Bokeh Effect Photography

What this Feature does is that it gives you an option to adjust the Depth Effect of an image after it is clicked. Which means, now you have an option to either add the Bokeh to an image or to remove the Bokeh Effect from an image. I guess many of you guys out there will love this feature including me, because come on! Who does like to have an option to edit an image even after it has been clicked. This feature will eventually help in Bokeh Photography. But it is important to know what do you think about it, so share your views about this feature in the comment section down below.

The thing now is that with the launch of iOS 12 & iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, Apple added this feature to the images which are already clicked. but now they are planning to add this feature right in the camera app with upcoming iOS 12.1. Which means, you can adjust the Bokeh on your own while click the image! I guess this is also a great thing as this helps you to gain more power and ability of customisation while clicking a picture and to implement your ideas.

Now, I’m pretty excited to check this feature out as soon as possible and if you are too than go ahead follow this guide :

How to Install iOS 12.1 without Developer Account

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