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Apple Sued for infringe on multiple patents owned by MPH Technologies


There is a new LawSuit filed against Apple for it’s benchmark products such as iMessage, FaceTime and it’s VPN Technology. The Finnish corporation MPH Technologies claims that Apple has infringed on 8 patents which are owned by MPH Technologies.

The Law Suit was filled in the District Court of North District of California, where MPH Technology claims Apple has infringed 8 of it’s IP terms as per United States Patent Law Title 35. Before filing the suit, MPH tried to make peace with Apple outside the Courtroom and tried to get in touch with Apple via several emails, to which Apple didn’t reply as first but after a continuous series of emails, they asked MPH to explain in detail about their claims.

MPH’s patents were related to end-to-end encryption and saver transfer of data over a secured network. This technology was used by Apple for iMessage, FaceTime as well as for many other services as well as mentioned in the document filed for the suit. The continuity feature of Apple and Text Message Forwarding as well.

After several telephonic conversations, Apple asked it’s in-house patent council to take a look into the matter and after months of research they came up with saying it did not “believe a license is required, as the asserted patents are not infringed and/or invalid as MPH appears to be interpreting the claims.”

In the same month, patent risk management entity RPX, of which Apple is an early member, got in touch with MPH to discuss the issue. MPH believes the move was “on behalf of and for the benefit of Apple,” but fails to provide evidence.

As per a report by AppleInsider a number of Apple-branded products are accused in the suit. Messaging platforms iMessage and FaceTime are to be in infringement as implemented in iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, macOS Mojave, WatchOS 2, WatchOS 3, WatchOS 4 and WatchOS 5. Also at issue is Apple’s adoption of so-called “MOBIKE” technology related to always-on VPN services.

Now, it’ll be exciting to see where does this Law Suit takes turn and the result comes out in who’s favour. Might be possible MPH is looking for a claim for the damages caused to them sue to false use of their technology with breach of contracts.

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  1. I believe Apple is not allowing complete full access inside my Apple ID refusing to release end-to-end-encryption data. When I have already went through the account recovery and verified my identity. Yet my phone says I need to update my Apple settings and either remember my last iPhone passcode from my other phone or reset end to end encryption data. No I’m not going to reset the encrypted data that I already verified belongs to me. Im compromising on contacting a lawyer and handling that way. Is this is not a class action I don’t believe I can participate


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