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Apple Special Event for iPad Pro and Mac on 30th October


This year Apple has already launched three products that included the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone Xr. Out of the three, two products are already out in the market while the third is yet to be officially launched. And the company is again hosting a launch event on the 30th October. This is an Apple Special Event.

Apple few hours ago, updated on it’s website and also rolled out invites to the Special Event that is going to be held on the 30th October 2018 to the Media. As per the last launch event, we expected the event to be at the Steve Jobs Theater but to our surprise the event is in Brooklyn, New York, United States.

Apple Announces an iPad Pro and Mac Launch Event on 30th October

Apple rolled out some interesting looking invites with various colour patterns and the theme for this Special Event is “There’s More in the Making”. Take a look at the Invites sent by Apple:

We had few rumours about this Special Event and we also expected it to be in the month of October and the rumours turned out to be true as of now. We are expecting an all new 2018 iPad Pro and few updates in the Apple Mac line-up.

New 2018 iPad Pro

There have been a whole bunch of rumours regarding the new 2018 iPad Pro, we had a separate article covering the possible changes and updates in the 2018 iPad Pro. To mention a few, the sizes of the iPads and the display resolution are going to remain the same. However, there is a possibility for LandScape FaceID and a bunch of new connectors at the back of the iPad.

There is a doubt if this iPad will be compatible with the Apple Pencil, as Apple might come up with an update to the Apple Pencil which shall feature the new Proximity set-up. Above all of that, the 2018 iPad Pro could send out display to an external 4K display via that 8-pin lightening port.

Mac line-up Update

The expected updates in the Mac line-up are for the long awaited MacBook Air and the Mac Mini. Apple wants to make the Mac Mini a little more powerful for the developers and the users using it as their home PC. For the MacBook, Apple can come up with a budget-price MacBook and it’ll shall be under the 12″ category.

Apple Power

There is also a possibility that the long awaited and rumoured Apple Power sees the light of the finally. Apple Power is the Pad which wirelessly charges your AirPods, Apple Watch and iPhone all at the same time.

Summing up all, there is huge amount of excitement out there because Apple has talked nothing about this Special Event and all of the sudden just confirmed the hosting of the event. So, we are left with a huge amount of rumours which are going to be confirmed only on the 30th October once the event starts.

Are you excited about the Special Apple Event? Let us know from the comments down below.

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