Apple Shares Images of Initial iPhone Purchases


Today is the International iPhone Day – The day when Apple starts selling and delivering it’s latest flagship smart phone. Ahead of today, people start standing in cues to get their hands on the latest iPhone and Apple Watch 4 at the earliest. But the cues where a little less this time because this year is a “S” update year.

The company shared images of it’s customers buying and getting their hands onĀ iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

People either took stand in the cues to get their hands on the latest iPhone Xs and Xs Max or Pre-Order it to pick-up it from a store near by.

But not all the people who pre-ordered their phones and watches were happy today, because many of them’s deliveries have been delayed by UPS to Monday evening. As an update on the issue, UPS officials said that Apple has reached it limits of deliveries in a Day. I don’t actually agree with the statement but we don’t have anything that can be done other than waiting for Monday to get our hands on the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max and the new Apple Watch Series 4.

Below are the images shared by Apple:

Image Source : Apple

Did you get your pre-ordered iPhone and Apple Watch today? If so, or if not, let me know in the comment section below.

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