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Apple Seeds iOS 12.1 Beta 3 to Developers


So, it’s been three weeks Apple Officially launched iOS 12, and in three weeks it has seeded iOS 12.1 Beta 3. This helps the Developers to develop their apps for the upcoming apps and also take advantage of the upcoming features with the new iOS version.

Registered Developers can download third beta of iOS 12.1 from the Developer Portal of Apple or over-the-air by installing the Beta Profile on their Registered Devices.

Apple Seeds iOS 12.1 Beta 3 to Registered Developers

Changes in iOS 12.1 Beta 3

iOS 12.1 Beta 3 comes with many of those features that Apple promised for the new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max. The major one being the support for E-Sims, this feature lets you add a plan from the Carrier supporting E-Sim without the need to install a physical sim-card along with your physical sim-card pre-installed.

Which means, you can use one physical sim-card and one E-Sim, making upto total Two Sims and Two Numbers on your latest iPhone Xs and Xs Max.

The long awaited feature of Group FaceTime has also been added in iOS 12.1 Beta 3, this feature let’s iOS and macOS users make a Video or Audio Call with upto 32 people using the same Operating System. This is a great feature for making group video calls with your friends and family.

Adding on to that, Apple is also adding approx. 70 new emojis to the upcoming iOS 12.1, which has been added to the Beta 3 of iOS 12.1 as well. These emojis are pretty interesting and you can read more about them here – Apple to Add 70 New Emojis to iOS 12.1

The most interesting and loves feature is the ability to adjust the Depth-of-Field while capturing a picture which isn’t yet available with the latest iOS 12.0.1. In the current version you can adjust the Depth-of-Field of the pictures already clicked while with the upcoming iOS 12.1 you can do that while clicking the picture itself.

At last, there are few bug fixes as well, including the ChargeGate (the bug due to which the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max won’t charge when plugged in with power cable with screen off, they needed to be woken in-order to charge) being fixed and it fixes a bug that caused iPhone XS and XS Max models to prefer 2.4GHz WiFi networks over 5GHz networks, resulting in perceived slower WiFi speeds.

Apple has also realised the Public Beta of iOS 12.1 for it’s Public Testers and you can also install iOS 12.1 on your device, however the version isn’t stable for daily use so make sure to back up your Data before updating.

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