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Apple roles out Cars for new Apple Maps 2.0


Apple is a company that continuously tries to improve the user experience by developing and bringing innovations in the apps and features. Something similar is going on this time as well, Apple is developing Apple Maps 2.0 and all the data used for Maps 2.0 will be owned by Apple and not licensed by Third-Parties like, TomTom.

Apple roles out Cars for new Apple Maps 2.0

It all started in 2015 when Apple started to role out cars for collecting the data for Maps and it also keeps updating a list of the cities where the cars will be routing for the date range, but this time it’s for complete redesign of the Maps application on the iOS and macOS.

Apple planned to capture it’s own data for redesigning the Maps application due to various issues and controversies over the licensing data from Third-Parties. The fun-fact here is that, iOS 12 Maps App uses the Data captured by Apple by using these Subaru Impreza hatchbacks.

Apple roles out Cars for new Apple Maps 2.0

These cars which Apple is rolling out are customised with new Subaru Impreza hatchback, however Google also used the same for their data collection. The cars have a bee-hive looking white plastic covering structure above the roof which covers several 360-degree cameras under it. There are also lidar added to the set-up and mostly the same equipments that were used by Google. These helps in capturing the depth required for 3D-view in Maps.

As of now these cars were located only in the city of Los Angeles and soon there might be seen all around the globe. The Apple Maps Vehicle did have a clear Apple Maps branding on them, clarifying that the vehicles are being used for capturing data for the upcoming Maps 2.0.

These maps vehicles are how-ever different from the ones Apple is testing for Self-Driving Cars. Yes, Apple has license for testing 55 Self-Driving cars on the roads of California State.


So, are you excited for the all new Maps 2.0? But wait, the first question should be, do you use and prefer Apple Maps or Google Maps? Share your views in the comments down below and we’ll catch-up in the next article.

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