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Apple releases iOS 13 Beta 5 to Registered Developers, what’s new?

Fifth Beta of iOS 13 is rolled out with added features and changes. Here is everything you need to know about it.


Apple today seeds a new beta under the iOS 13 Beta Program. It is the fifth beta for the upcoming iOS 13. Also, along with iOS 13 beta 5, Apple did release watchOS, tvOS, and macOS Beta 5 as well. The update is available via Over-the-Air at around 500 MBs.

The public beta series will also be released a little ahead. A new public beta will be out as soon as the registered developers test the fifth version of iOS 13 Beta and ensure stability. The OS needs to be stable. Though public beta is also for public testers, it must be stable as compared to the original beta version.

Last year, before the launch of iOS 12, we saw 11 beta versions which were rolled out by Apple. If we compare this year with the previous one, we can say we’re almost halfway there. There is a long way to go, which means more stability and performance improvement.

What’s new in iOS 13 Beta 5?

There are a lot of added features and changes in the fifth version of iOS 13 Beta. Let us take a look at them.

Appearance Change Animation

Now, in iOS 13, when you change your appearance from Light to Dark Mode or vice-a-versa, you get an animation. There is a transition added to alter the appearance mode smoothly.

Volume HUD – Buttons

Now when you change the volume on your iPhone running iOS 13 using the buttons, you’ll have 32 steps in place of 16. It ensures more precise movement and solves the problem of too loud or too soft music volume.

Volume HUD – Touch

When you use the touch screen to change the volume on the home screen, the background is darkened. The OS darkens the background to ensure proper adjustment in volume by the user.


Until the fourth version of iOS 13 Beta, while taking a screenshot, if the volume HUD was visible on screen it was captured in the screenshot. But from now (5th Beta), if you capture a screenshot with the Volume HUD visible on screen it will not be captured in the screenshot.

Share Sheet

While sharing anything on iOS 13 Beta 5, you get an updated share sheet. The sharing sections are now divided into segments and easy to use. Also, while sharing a web-page, you get an option to choose – automatic or achieve or PDF file.

Safari New Tab

In the fourth beta, Apple removed the Open in New Tab option in Safari. It is now available on the fifth beta. You can use 3D Touch to open a link in New Tab.

Music Lyrics

If you’re listening to a music which does not supports lyrics or the lyrics aren’t available on Apple Music, you will no longer get the option to click on the lyrics icon. It’ll be greyed out in such a case.

Music Share Sheet

The share sheet under the music app is also re-designed. Now you get an option to change the actions that you can take when you click and hold or 3D touch a music item or song.

Apple Arcade

If you visit the App Store in iOS 13 Beta 5, you now get an option to “Notify Me” and get notification email when there is an update for Apple Arcade.

As of now, we are aware of the above changes in iOS 13 Beta 5. If there is anything more, we’ll update the article with the same and let you know about the same.

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