Apple releases iOS 12.1 Beta 4 to Registered Developers

Apple releases iOS 12.1 Beta 4 to Registered Developers

After a few weeks of releasing the iOS 12.1 Beta 3, Apple has now released a newer version iOS 12.1 Beta 4. These new updates being rolled out from Apple in every few weeks are constantly trying to improve on the bugs and other issues.

The main objective of the company is to ensure the smooth functioning of iOS when released to the general public, that’s why we say that the iOS Beta versions are the unstable versions as they are yet under development mode and are not preferred to be used on daily bases.

Apple releases iOS 12.1 Beta 4

The new iOS 12.1 Beta 4, as in doesn’t have any particular change or update, as we were checking the Release Notes from Apple, the company says:

There are no notes or known issues for this software update.

That is actually strange, because releasing the a newer Beta Version with no changes or bug fixes in particular! Why would the company do that, but seeing the history, Apple makes sures to roll out couple of Beta Versions before launching the Official Version to the general public.

Features of iOS 12.1

Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime is a feature that allows you to make a video call with upto 32 people running the same iOS version. They must not be on the latest iPhone line up but their iPhone must be running iOS 12.1. Apple announced this feature during the WWDC 2018 but at the last moment had to pull it out from the iOS 12 release and now we should be having it by the end of this year.

Have you tried the Group FaceTime on the new iOS 12.1 Beta? If so, then do let us know your experience down below in the comments. A hoping iOS 12.1 sees the day light soon.

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