Apple Released iOS 13 Beta 2 for Developers, ahead of Public Beta Release

Apple's upcoming operating system line-up has got an update. Today, the company released the second beta for their registered developers. This means, an OS with updates and less bugs & better performance. It is also expected that along with the third beta the company shall release the public beta as well.

how to install ios 13 beta without developer account

Apple today [17th June] released the second beta of iOS 13. These series of betas are meant for the registered developers to test their apps. Take advantage of the added features and add them to their apps. This helps them to keep their apps ready to update when Apple roles out iOS 13 to the public.

If you like to test Apple’s pre-release versions and test betas to know what’s new, than you can now update to iOS 13 Beta 2. After two weeks of launch of iOS 13 Beta 1, Apple seeded the update Over-the-Air [OTA] to the devices running iOS 13 Beta 1. If you’ve not yet installed iOS 13 Beta on your iPhone, you can follow our guide for Installing iOS 13 Beta without Developer Account.

iOS 13 Beta 2

Apple’s iOS 13 Beta series will not be completed until Fall. There are a number of Betas released by the company, followed by the Golden Master Version. One which is almost the public release version. Over the period, there are a lot of features added and performance improvements.

The final version of iOS 13 shall be seeded to the public along with the launch of iPhone 11. This has been the pattern the company has followed and we expect the same to be followed this year as well.

iOS 13 Public Beta

As mentioned by Apple during WWDC 2019, iOS 13 Public Beta shall be released in July. It is expected that iOS 13 Beta 3 shall be iOS 13 Public Beta 1. Which means, there are couple of more improvements expected until everyone gets their hands on to iOS 13 pre-release version.

The Public Beta are meant for the public testers. People who aren’t registered developers under the Apple Developer Program. Yet wish to test the pre-release version and help the company to improve upon it.

The initiative from Apple is expected to help the company in releasing a stable version of iOS 13 to the general public. Not something that happened with iOS 12.0 and iOS 11.0 launch. There were a lot of bugs and performance issues with the public release version, which is not expected from Apple.


We have a lot of improvements and changes coming ahead as we move closer to iOS 13 Launch Date. There are a couple of added features in iOS 13 Beta 2 and we shall update you with all of them as we test iOS 13 Beta 2.If you also notice something do let us know via Twitter at iDeviceGuide.

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