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Apple partners Salesforce to bring Siri to more business apps


One of the largest premium smartphone manufacturer Apple and Salesforce.com are going to collaborate in which Apple will help the Salesforce to build the iPhone features such as Siri voice assistant much deeper into the salesforce own mobile apps which are going to use in sales and marketing purposes.

Also, Salesforce will make much more tools the large organizations which use the latest back-end technology to power up their sort of apps can build the best products with the features specific to iPhones and iPads.

Apple and Salesforce have millions of third-party software developers. About 20 million developers make software for Apple smartphones across the globe, on the other hand Salesforce has about 5 million developers who tap into its back-end systems to build tools and applications for business – a market that Apple has been expanding via deals with some of the major clients which includes the International Business Machines, Cisco Systems, and Accenture.

The collaboration between both the companies means that a salesperson can use Siri after a customer meeting to update that customer’s record with notes from the meeting, flag a customer service issue for a support team to follow-up on and many other data-entry tasks that can eat up the valuable time.

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