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Apple March Special Event : Apple News+ Apple Card, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+

Finally, the Apple March Special Event is complete and we have a tons of Apple Services to subscribe to. Apple has announced couple of services. Read More about them and know more about them.


As we had reported earlier, that Apple is going to host a special event on 25th March 2019. This was also the first event of the year that Apple hosted. There were a few announcements and few surprises. Nothing way too different than what we had predicted earlier.

Now that the event has taken place, we no longer have to stay confused with the rumours and know what all Apple has to offer us.

But in case you missed to watch the Live Streaming as per what we had updated, this article is for you. We will sum-up everything that happened during the Apple Special Event for you. And in case you want to watch the keynote, you can link on this link anytime.

Apple March Special Event Summary

So, we had a lot of services announced by Apple today. Never in history Apple has announced so many services together. To name them :

  • Apple News+
  • Apple Card
  • Apple Arcade
  • Apple TV

Apple News+

As we already know that Apple earlier had announced the news app for iOS. And later also brought the app to macOS. The update that Apple got to the News App, is the Magazines. Now the News App will show 300+ magazines.


There has been a separate tab added to the News App, and under this tab you can have access to all the leading magazines. Also, to our surprise Apple has added Los Angeles Times and The Wall Street Journal newspaper.

The service will be available in the country of United States and Canada for $9.99 per month. Later, Apple plans to launch it to other countries.

Apple Card

Apple Pay was a services already offered by Apple but it supported only Debit Cards. Now, Apple wishes to get into the Credit Card field. Apple Card is a virtual card, which can be used along with Apple Pay.

The Apple Card is not just a normal Credit Card, but also comes in a physical format. Which can be opted as per the user’s will. Apple also announced, Apple Cash. It is the cash back you get for every transaction made via Apple Card.

You get 3% of the transaction value for a transaction with Apple via Apple Card, 2% Apple Cash for transaction value for transaction via Apple Card. And 1% Apple Cash for every transaction made via Physical Apple Card.

It is not just a credit card service, it also have an in-built analyst. You get a personal financial advisor, who helps you learn more about different ways of financing. And know about the different ways and patterns of spending.

Apple Arcade

As per the rumours, this is the gaming subscription by Apple. Apple Arcade focuses on the expensive paid games on the App Store. In case a user wishes to buy a paid game, they need to pay upfront for each and every app they wish to play.

With help of Apple Arcade, users can play more than 100 games available on the App Store. Apple claims these games which are the part of the Apple Arcade package aren’t available on any other platform. Giving the unique and exclusive access to Apple Arcade users.

Apple Arcade will be available in more than 150 countries this Fall. However, Apple did not comment on the price for Apple Arcade. But did tell that the price will be announced in the future.

Apple TV

As per the rumours, we know that Apple was prepared to launch a video streaming service. Something similar to Netflix and Prime Videos. But Apple TV isn’t exactly same. There are a lot of differences.

So, Apple TV focuses on bringing all the content from all the platforms together in one app called Apple TV. This will help users to not switch apps again and again and find all the required content right in one single app.

Apple is planning to launch the Apple TV app to the Hulu and Fire TV as well. There are various Smart TVs which will be having the Apple TV app. Now, no longer you need to work and take stress about the different content providers. You have Apple TV for that.

Apple also announced the all new Apple TV+ (Apple TV Plus). It is a platform that helps different content producers to present their content and shows on this platform to get the exposure and the audience. Apple plans to produce a lot of new shows, which shall be in the interest of the audience.


Today was a day for services. Apple did not talk about anything other than services and the services launched by Apple or to be launched by Apple aren’t something just normal. We’ll get to know in the future, how people react to the services offered by Apple and how well does Apple offer them to it’s users.

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