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Apple Event March 2019 – Preview of March Special Event by Apple

Finally we have some update about the Next Apple Event. Apple has announced a March Special Event. So, what can you expect during the Next Apple Event in 2019? Read more about the possible announcements and launches. Here is everything you need to know about the Next Apple Event.


Now we know when the Next Apple Event in going to take place. Apple has announced a Special Event, which will take place on 25th March at the Steve Jobs Theater, Apple Park. This will be the first time Apple will be using the Steve Jobs Theater for a non iPhone announcement event.

There is not much information provided by Apple about the upcoming Special Event. But we do have rumours about what we can expect. However there are not a lot of things that shall be announced by Apple but one of them will be the Video Streaming Service.

Also, Apple can announce their News and Magazine Subscription plans. These two things were in rumours since quite some time and Apple never officially provided any statement for the same. But after the announcement of the Special Event we know there is something we can expect now.

Apple March Special Event – It’s Show Time!

As of now, we expect there are two major announcement for the Special Event. So, Apple shall definitely announce these two services and apart from these there can be some more things which shall be a surprise for us.

What to Expect at Next Apple March Event?

Apple News Magazines

We got to know that Apple bought digital magazine subscription bundle service Texture, sometime last year during the same time. So, since than Apple has been working with collaboration with Magazine and News Publishers.

We can see Apple announcing this service of theirs during the March Special Event. Apple has been trying to get into the subscription field, for which it has been working since years.

However it is not sure which all Magazine and News Publishers will be included in the Apple Subscription package. We eagerly want to know about it but the answers to our questions will be provided only by Apple on 25th March at 10 am.

Apple Movies – Apple Movie Streaming Service

There have been news and rumours about Apple to soon launch a Video Streaming Service. We also heard that Apple may buy Netflix itself. But nothing such did happen. Apple wants to launch their own service and make it the next big thing.

Which is also practical and possible for Apple. The number of customer Apple has can be the target market and it doesn’t need to buy an existing service. We have also seen this in the past, Apple always prefers to launch their authentic service rather than buying the Industry Leader.

Apple is a company who prefers to give competition to the respective Industry Leader rather than buying the Industry Leader. This is the signature step of the company, since decades.

iOS 12.2

There are also chances that Apple may announce iOS 12.2 at the March Special Event. We are not very sure about it yet, but definitely we are waiting for Apple to make some confirmation about the Event.

if we see the history, often a day before the event we do get to know about everything that shall be announced by Apple or launched by Apple. This has been happening and we would like the same to happen this time again.


There is lot to come and new things are going to some in the coming year of 2019. So, in order to get Latest Apple Events News and Updates, stay tuned with iDeviceGuide. Also, you can follow us on our Social Media for some quick updates.

However, we will be waiting till 25th March to know what Apple launches and announces during it’s March Special Apple Event.

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