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Apple’s Earnings falling this Year says GoldMan Sachs, falling Demand in China


GoldMac Sachs, an Investment Bank, says that the earnings of Apple APPL shall be falling this year and tends to disappoint the investors due to the huge fall in demand in China. Apple has been concentrating on the Chinese Market for the major being the big-phone factor market and suddenly this huge fall can be disappointing.

There are no specific news related to Apple due to which the earnings are going to be low, it is just that the major revenue source of Apple – China, is going through a decline in the demand of the consumer electronics.

Apple’s Earnings falling this Year says GoldMan Sachs, falling Demand in China

As per CNBC, Analyst from Goldman Sachs, Rod Hall, estimates that the Q3 earnings can decline upto 15% which will be definitely disappointing for the investors.

“There are multiple signs of rapidly slowing consumer demand in China which we believe could easily affect Apple’s demand there this fall,” Goldman analyst Rod Hall said in an investor note Sunday.

Though Hall admitted that the smartphone market in China showed some signs of improvement in the second quarter, his forecast for third-quarter unit sales shows a decline of 15 percent year over year. While the analyst expects Apple’s latest phones — including the larger XR and XS Max — to counter some of the softening demand, the overall decline in phone demand could be costly to CEO Tim Cook’s bottom line.

Fall in Demand of Consumer Electronics in Chinese Markets cause Apple to loose 15% Revenue

However, there is a possibility that the new iPhones – iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr can hold-up a little for the decline. But not then too, decline of upto 15% is expected. Apple will officially be announcing the Q3 earnings on 1st September 2018, that is when the moment of truth would be revealed.

“Much of Apple’s upside potential in our thinking was centered on Chinese demand for larger screen sizes,” the analyst wrote. “Should weak consumer demand persist and impact the higher end of the market Apple’s potential to beat and raise in FQ4’18 earnings is likely reduced.”

Goldman Sachs have their rating as Neutral on Apple and does not recommend to either buy nor sell the stock. They say the possible target for this year can us $240 with a 8% rise in the coming year.

Due to the poor sales during the launch, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook did have to take a visit to China as well. So, it is going to be pretty interesting as in how Apple tackles with the decline in revenue. There are chances of Apple posting a US$ 60-62 Billion in revenue income.

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