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Apple Card Images Leaked by Apple Employee

Recently announced Apple Card is into Best Testing, with Apple Retail Employees signing-up for testing the functioning of the card. One such employee leaked the image of Apple Card, it's weight and it's packaging. This is the first look at Apple Card. Soon to be launched for the general public.


Apple’s aim of getting into the service industry is growing as we see with it’s upcoming products and services. One such product-cum-service to be provided by Apple in partnership with Master Card and Goldman Sacs is Apple Card.

Apple Employees are being signed up for Beta testing of the Apple Card. One of such employees, have shared the images of the Apple Card, it’s packaging and it’s weight to iMore on Friday. The card has the similar looks to what we were showed on stage. This is similar to iOS Beta testing before the official launch for maximum efficiency and lest bugs.

Apple Card Hands-on

Apple ships the card in an hard casing envelope which is white in colour and has Apple logo on the outside. When you open it, inside you find a rainbow gradient. Between which your Apple Card is in placeholder.

Right below the placeholder, you also see the instructions on how to Setup Apple Card. Which pairs via NFC and uses smart pairing. Just like your AirPods and HomePods, you can hold your Apple Card close to your iPhone and you get the setup screen.

Apple Card Weight

One of the images shows Apple Card on a weighing scale. It weighs 0.52 Oz or 14 grams, which is very heavy as compared to a normal plastic credit card. However, Apple Card is made out of metal, so that justifies the extra weight.

Apple Card Design

The card has a simple and minimalistic design. All white, with Apple logo and chip on one side and the other having Goldman Sacs and Master Card logo.

It is estimated that the Beta testing shall go on for a few more months. The general public shall have to wait for few more months to get their hands-on Apple Card. Features of the card makes it very attractive for an Credit user.

Also, getting a personal finance manager (as claimed by Apple during Apple Event) in the formal of an Artificial Intelligent application. Who keeps a track of all your expenses and your expense pattern to assist you bring them down.

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