Apple Apologises for the Apple IDs hacked in China

Apple Apologises for the Apple IDs hacked in China

There has been a recent incident of Apple IDs hacked in China. Apple apologises for the same saying ‘we are deeply apologetic about the inconvenience caused to our customers by these phishing scams’, which it said affected a ‘small number’ of user accounts.

The details of exactly what happened has not been disclosed but Apple says that the Apple IDs that were hacked were not protected by Two-Factor Authentication. This lead to hackers to get access to the credentials and later use the same for transacting money via AliPay.

Apple Apologises for the Apple IDs hacked in China

Via The Wall Street Journal, Apple has been requesting it’s users to keep updating to the latest Security. This helps Apple to protect the Apple IDs from being Hacked.

There is yet no clear picture of the number of IDs hacked and amount of money stolen.

Apple is likely apologetic on behalf of it’s customers because it were the Apple ID owners who themselves gave the account details to the hackers in some form of scam, known as Phishing.

Apple requests to Update Security to 2FA for Protection against Phishing

What actually happens in Phishing is that, the hacker sends an email that seems to be a legit conversation from Apple and asks the customer to login with their Apple ID credentials and thus are able to have access to the data. They later save this information and keep it with themselves.

Soon after, they start using the login credentials to log-in into apps like AliPay and other payment accounts linked and transact money to themselves from the hacked accounts.

If the customer used Two-Factor Authentication, every new login from a new device needs to be approved from the currently used device and thus could have been prevent hackers from using the data. This is why Apple requests it’s customers to update to the latest security to protect their Apple IDs.

Where you also one of those who’s Apple ID was hacked and lost some money? Let us know if so. And we need to know if you are also having Two-Factor Authentication turned on? If no, do it right away.

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