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All You Need to Know About the New Battery Info on iOS 12


As we all know that Apple has finally released the final version of iOS 12 in the market and there are a lot of different new advanced features that haven’t been touched on. One major addition to Apple’s latest software is a much improved battery life. Apart from just that iOS 12 now sports some fancy new graphs and more. In this article, we will show you how to read the new battery usage reports in the latest version of the iOS 12.

iOS 12 Battery Usage Info

Befoe going into the article, you need to go to the battery settings. In order to do so, click Settings and select Battery. At the top, you will see the toggle for Low Power Mode, with a new option of the Battery Health.

24-hour View

The first battery usage chart that you will see is the “Last 24 hours”. The green chart will show your battery level at a specific time, while the blue chart below shows the usage and how long your device is in use.

Last 10 Days View

If you want to know a clear picture of how your iPhone has been performing from the last 10 days, iOS 12 has you covered there too. The “Last 10 Days” view is now available easily with the header next to the 24-hour view.

Instead of seeing an hourly breakdown of which apps are being used and how much power is being consumed, you will see an overview for the last 10 days as well. That is true for both the ‘Battery Usage’ and the ‘Activity’ charts.


iOS 12 is a great updated version that also comes with lots of hidden tips and tricks that we will be covering over the next few weeks and months.

If you are facing any issue in the battery, then let us know your views in the comment below!

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