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‘All-new design’ AirPods 2nd Gen – wireless charging model


AirPods have been one of the most selling product from Apple which came out last year. Not just that, Apples is on the edge to launch the All-new Design 2nd Gen AirPods in the first-quoter of 2019, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

Kuo stated that the number of units of AirPods being sold are likely to rise in the coming future drastically, being 16 Million in 2017 to over 100 Million by 2020. He calls AirPods the most famous and fast moving accessary by Apple so far.

There has been no update from Apple on the AirPods and soon we might see Apple announcing the 2nd Gen of the AirPods with few changes and updates.

Long back, as Apple demonstrated during it’s event about the AirPower, which didn’t see the light of the day yet. But now there are more chances of that to turn into reality.

‘All-new design’ AirPods 2nd Gen

As mentioned by Kuo, Apple is also going to add few features and update the AirBuds apart from the case. It shall be pretty interesting to get to know more about the All-new Design AirPods 2nd Gen.

People all around the globe prefer to buy AirPods rather than updating their iPhones to the latest ones. Which is cheaper as well as a good idea.

There is an expectation of Apple adding the Wireless-charging case to the AirPods 2. The components and the other requirements of the updated design might increase the cost of production as well. There are rumours that the cost may rise upto 60%.

This means that the All-new Design AirPods 2nd Gen can be lot more expensive than the current versions out in the market.

Apart from the case and the AirPods, Kuo also predicts that the might have upgraded bluetooth specs. Apple’s promise of providing the wire-less charging case can be extended to the older versions by an extra accessory which might be sold separately.

AirPower – Apple Wireless Charging Mat?

Anyway, we do not have any clear picture of what can be expected in the coming future, but all we can do is wait for the while and let’s hope Apple shows up with the All-new Design AirPods 2nd Gen as well as AirPower Mat. It’ll be pretty interesting to know more about them.

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