About iDeviceGuide

Originally started at PKay_Tech in 2014 with just a YouTube channel, today we have grown over the years and restructured as iDeviceGuide.

Today, iDeviceGuide is a go to place for people who have a hard time understanding technology and who want to make the most out of their iDevices. Learning about the latest news and updates related to Apple was never so easy. We plan to over everything related to iPhone and iOS, Leaks and Updates & Apps and Features.

Punit Khatri

Founder iDeviceGuide

Punit Khatri has been exploring the iOS platform since 2014 as a basic YouTuber, but today his passion and interest has made him have a huge following for his content and work.
Scanning through latest news or rumours related to iDevices or analysing the issues regarding everything related to Apple, there is always an update from him for the common man.

The superiority of Apple products has also inspired him to come up with various hacks and daily solutions for the layman. Himself being a loyal customer of Apple he loves to help other people and has utmost pride in doing so.

Putting an end to the panic attacks you frequently get when you fail to understand how the modernised and revised newly launched Apple devices work. iDeviceGuide promises a smoother journey ahead.

For All the Apple Users, we are here for your rescue!

What do we cover?

We cover all the information and news related to iPhone & iOS, Leaks & Updates and Apps & Features. There are many features and options that Apple comes up with but you don’t have any information regarding them or often there is a new feature which you have no clue about. It’s that time when we come into the picture to provide you information on those updates and features that you need to enhance your user experience and make the most of your iDevices.