9 Best Apps for iWatch (FREE)

best apps for iWatch article

Are you sure your iWatch has every app it deserves? Or do you have everything your iWatch needs? Well!! Otherwise, don’t worry here in this article, you will get to know the 9 + 1 best apps for iWatch you must-have and which are free.

  • Chirp

Description –

  • It is the best free app for using Twitter on your Apple iWatch. It gives you the option of having a look at trendings, scrolling your timeline, and going through your mentions.
  • It also has the facility of replying to all direct messages.
  • In case a person uses Twitter heavily then he can donate a few bucks and get access to the pro version 

So if you are a big social media freak, then this app should surely have a space on your iWatch.

  • theScore 

Description – 

  • Your Apple Watch can be a perfect device for you to keep a track of all the sports scores in case you are a big sports fan.
  • This completely free app also gives you the advantage of self customization, theScore app gives you the facility to keep a check on your favorite team, scores, etc.
  • You can now know about all the upcoming sports events, sports updates on your wrist.
  • Isn’t it amazing?

So why are you waiting, just go for theScore app now?

  • PCalc Lite

How easy will it become if you can do easy calculations on your wrist? Yes, it’s true.

Description –

  • PCalc Lite is the app which will provide you with the facility of basic calculations on your iWatch, it also includes a handy tip calculator.
  • It also comes with the scribble and speaks option through which you can even speak your formulas if you have a problem typing on your tiny pad.
  • The best thing about this app is that there is no need of purchasing the pro version, this simple version itself will be sufficient.

best apps for iWatch

  • Citymapper

Description –

  • This extraordinary app gives you the facility of knowing where you have to go next, which vehicle is available, and at what time?
  • All that you need is a Citymapper supporting city.
  • This transit app provides you subway and bus time, pops out to service outrages, and also helps you to plot trips.

This app takes public data from various transit agencies of the city and has also given the tag of App of the year.


  • Notebook

It can be one of Apple’s mistake to not give notes option in new iWatches, but no worries.

Description –   

  • You just have to install the Notebook app on your iWatch and it will provide you all notes making facilities like writing, recording text and even having a look at recent notes easily.
  • It also gives you the option of having a look at any picture that you added to notes on your phone and in case of any unwanted file it also has the delete option.

Now you can take your notes wherever you want with this free notes making app for your iWatch.

  • Night Sky

Description –

If you are a great fan of stargazing then you must know how wonderful it is with your iPhone.

But! It is no less in the small screens of your iWatches. 

  • This app informs you about all celestial events, and all you have to do is to point your iWatch towards the sky to see all the planets as well as constellation movements in the sky.
  • Not on this, but as your lower your iWatch, this app will give you a 360-degree overview of the entire sky by changing into a celestial compass.

Best apps for iWatch

  • Spark

Description –

It is one of the famous and most suited free email apps for iWatch.

  • Spark has an easy working system and focuses mainly on emails and provides real= efficient mail management.
  • It provides the facility of mail sorting, gives a glance at your waiting emails.
  • Every section of this app contains a vibrant button that glows when you receive important mail and then gives you the facility to read the respective mail, reply, mute, or whatever you feel like doing.
  • Digg

This is one of the best news apps for your iWatch.

Description –

  • It gives you every bit of continuously updated news from around the web.
  • It also shares relevant videos, including all kinds of viral, animations, and short videos.
  • Digg has different categories of news including technology, space, funny, etc.

So if you are a person who likes to stay aware of every happening on this globe then do install Digg on your iWatch.

  • Elevate  – Brain Training

Elevate is a 2 1 app designed for fulfilling both the educational and recreational purpose of the user.

Description –

  • It is a brain training app designed to enhance your skills like focus, speed, speaking abilities, memory, calculations, etc.
  • Elevate comes with daily rapid-fire challenges containing both maths and vocabulary problems.
  • It has wrist-held dash modes that check your ability to find out the right percentage of a number, spellings, synonyms, etc.
  • Every test has 3questions, and also has rewards at the end for your EPQ rank in the phone version.
  • So overall, Elevate is the best free app for your mind training purpose that you should have on your iWatch.

best app for iWatch

  • Yahoo Weather 

Yahoo Weather is easy to use and one of the best free app for your iWatch.


  • This app features both dawn and dusk updates through notifications, with a quick look, users can find whether it is going to be a sunny day or cold.
  • It gives details like – precipitation, humidity, wind, and pressure, etc.
  • Users can also enjoy the sunrise, sunset, and winds with an animated effect.
  • You can also keep a track of your favorite destinations’ weather conditions in case you are planning for a trip.
  • Yahoo weather app gives all the notifications two times a day to help you get prepared for every weather condition.

So these were the 10 best apps for iWatch that an iWatch user must-have. Hope you found the best-suited app for your iWatch too.

Now let us tell you how you can install these apps and make your iWatch ready to use –

1. From App Store –

  1. Go to App Store app in your iWatch.
  2. Switch the Digital Crown to look at featured apps.
  3. Select a category of apps you want to see.
  4. To install an app free of cost – Select Get
  5. To install a paid app – Select the Price. (in case you notice the Download button in place of price, it means you have once purchased the app, now all you have to do is to download it without paying).

To download a specific app go to search and dictate the name of the app or write it.


2. From iPhone –

Some apps are automatically installed on your iWatch By Default, so to close this option and installing specific apps the steps are –

  1. Select the Apple Watch app.
  2. Select My watch > General > Switch the option of Automatic App Install off.

Go to My Watch > Available Apps > Install the needed apps

So this was all about some best free apps and their process of installation. Hope you found the information helpful and worthy of your time.

In case you need more information regarding the topic, do comment down below.

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