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8 Tips to improve iPhone battery life



It is always possible to hear about a battery issue from an iPhone user. Do you have the same problem? Well!! No more, we have listed some amazing secrets that will help improve iPhone battery life  –

  • Say no to extreme temperatures

Ideal temperature – 35 degrees C (95degrees Fahrenheit).

Your iPhone battery can operate efficiently if it is stored at certified temperatures or simply if it is kept away from extreme temperatures (65 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit ).


High temperatures can lead to permanent battery damage decreasing the charging efficiency of your phone therefore software may restrict charging above 80% when the desired battery temperatures are crossed.

  • Enable Low Power Mode

iPhone battery

If your battery starts to run out, just turn on low power mode on your device. You will be notified when the battery level crosses the 20% limit and will get the option to turn on power mode with one touch.

Another variant –

Go to Settings> Battery.

Usage –

 Low power mode reduces display brightness, improves device performance, and controls system animations.

  • Optimize your Settings

2 easy ways to increase your iPhones battery health: Brightness adjustment and Wi-Fi usage.

1- Switch Auto-Brightness to increase battery life and decrease the screen brightness.

  • To decrease: open Control Centre and set the Brightness level to the bottom.
  • Your screen lighting conditions are automatically adjusted by Auto-Brightness. To enable it – Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations and switch on  Auto-Brightness .

2- In case you wish to access data in your device, try to go for Wi-Fi as it uses less battery than a cellular network. 

To turn on Wi-Fi:  Settings > Wi-Fi to switch to Wi-Fi network.

  • Stop constant quitting of apps

Having a belief that constant closing of your recently used apps saves battery is completely wrong.

Apple has stated that one should not care unless an app is frozen.

Appearing of recently used apps does not mean they are active, but they are in standby mode helping you to multitask and navigate.

Opening an app again from the start drains a nice percentage of the battery of your phone what you should do is to just leave the recent apps as they are, it will not eat your battery as the device itself puts them on sleep mode.

  • Search and eliminate dodgy apps

iPhone comes with a built-in tool that informs about all the battery-draining apps.

To use it :

Settings > Battery

Select the ‘Last 10 days’ option (gives information about all the apps used in the past week and a half)

So if u find an app using 20% battery it means it sucked up a 5th of all battery life used in the last 10 days.

Look out for apps using a massive portion of battery and are of less use (eliminate them if needed).

 battery life

  • Tone down visual effects

The 3D effects introduced in iOS 7 making your icons and notifications appear to float are exciting but they continuously use the phone’s graphics processor and hence consume a lot of battery life(approx half an hour battery).

Changing the wallpaper ode to static from dynamic will contribute a lot in increasing the iPhone’s battery health.

How to do it –

Settings > General> Accessibility > Switch on Reduce Motion.

This battery saving tip will not make your phone look exciting but will surely save you some extra minutes battery.

  • Use Auto-Lock

A lot of battery is drained while the screen is on, so the first thing to check is that your iPhone or iPad is not awake unnecessarily.

It is useful to set the Auto-Lock to an ultra-low 30 seconds (available since iOS 9 update)

improve your iPhone battery

How to do it –

Settings > Display and Brightness > Auto-Lock (in case you have an old version of iOS: Settings > General > Auto-Lock) and set the sleep time to 30seconds of inactivity.

This tip for iPhone battery maximization will save you a nice amount of power and start using the Sleep/Wake button after you have stopped using the device.

  • Turn down the 2 V’s: Volume + Vibration

It is a bit surprising but yes!! Battery life is also affected by volume settings.

In case you are listening to music from your device, turn the volume down and also the music equalizer off.

How to do it

Settings > Music > switch the equalizer off

Frequent vibration of your phone on the arrival of messages or notifications eats a lot of your iPhone battery.

Switching the vibration off is a clever option.

How to do it –

Settings > Sounds and Haptics > Turn both the vibration options off.

So, we hope you understood that it is not so difficult to save your phone’s battery all you have to do is to follow the above-mentioned tips to increase the maximum capacity of your iPhone battery.

Just try them and you won’t regret it.

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