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7 iPhone Issues and their Solutions


How easy will it become if you have solutions for the iPhone issues you are having. Well!! To provide you with some ease, here we are with Top iPhone Problems along with their solutions.

1- iPhone White Screen of Death

White Death is a situation that occurs due to an error in the operating system that causes a delay in work and the appearance of a white screen on any device.

Reasons –

There can be many reasons for having a white blank screen in an iPhone but the main 3 reasons are –

  • Jailbreaks and hardware.
  • Unsuccessful software updates.

How to fix –

  • Give your device a restart if it does not work hard to reset your iPhone.
  • If this too goes in vain boot your device in DFU(Device Firmware Upgrade) mode.

      Note – All your settings and iPhone data will get lost once you use the DFU mode, so in case you come through the white screen situation and you don’t have iCloud or iTunes backup, then the first thing to do is – recover your complete data through Stellar Recovery for iPhone.

2-Lost iPhone Data after Upgrade or Jailbreak

Reasons –

Jailbreak is a term meaning to allow the owner of the phone to get complete access to the base(root) of the operating system and access all the features.

It is likely seen that when a user upgrades or jailbreaks the iPhone data generally vanishes but not if you have done the backup of your device, this issue is one of the common iPhone hardware problems today.

How to fix-

There are 3 methods -]

1- Recovering data from iTunes Backup –

  • Go to iTunes and connect the iOS device to it.
  • Follow the given steps and enter the phone’s password.
  • Select your device and then select Restore Backup in iTunes.
  • Choose the respective files by checking the date and size and select RESTORE. (In case of encrypted backup, enter the password and follow the steps).

2-Recovering data from iCloud Backup

  • Switch your device on and connect it to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to App and Data screen, and select Restore from iCloud Backup.
  • Submit your password and login into your iCloud account.
  • Move ahead to Choose Backup and select from the various options of backups present there.
  • (Include details like date and size to choose the respective files).
  • Wait for the restore process to complete (depends on the Wi-Fi network), and then complete the remaining steps.

3-Recovering data using iPhone Data Recovery Software

iPhone Data Recovery Software by Stellar is a tool (professional) used in recovering all vanished data from iOS devices and iTunes + iCloud backup files.

Stellar Data Recovery provides the users with the following 3 options for recovering data after jailbreak.

  1. Recovering data from iPhone
  2. Recovering data from iTunes Backup.

Recovering data from iCloud Backup.

iPhone issues

3-Overheating iPhone

Reasons –

  • Having too many apps working in the background.
  • Using bulky apps like GPS navigation, or intense graphic apps.
  • There is a memory leakage in your obsolete apps, consuming extra CPU calculations unnecessarily

How to fix

In case you feel your iPhone suddenly hot, the first thing to do is to take it away from sunlight.

  • Keep shutting the unused apps frequently.
  • Having a break-time for your iPhone will be beneficial.
  • Time – to – time apps up-gradation.
  • Take the case out of your phone immediately.
  • Stop charging(and ensure you use an Apple cable while charging), switch Bluetooth off, and turn on Airplane mode.

Point to remember – Never take your heating iPhone in front of Air conditioners or fanes because the sudden change of temperature and moisture can degrade the quality of the internal components of the device.

4-iTunes Error 3194

 Reasons –

  • Itunes Error 3194 is generally addressed when you try to upgrade or restore your device.
  • It can occur because of the wrong firmware version, or the iOS version that you are installing is not Apple approved or you are using jailbreak for upgrading your iPhone.

How to fix –

  • Examine host files.

Use the right firmware version if the case of manual update – Keep in mind to always use the correct firmware fils for your device in case of a manual update, whereas it is great to do update the iDevice with a standard software update mechanism.

iPhone issues

5-iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo

Reasons –

  • iOS updating.
  • Conflict in software.
  • Issues in hardware.
  • Jailbreak of the iDevice.
  • The outdated beta version running on iOS.

How to fix – 

1- Restart the iPhone

2-Hard restart the iPhone

3-Recovery mode

4-Ude DFU mode

6-Damage Due To Water.

 What will you do if you accidentally spilled water on your iPhone or dropped it in a swimming pool?

 Few steps which you should immediately follow are –

  • Wipe the device
  • Don’t try to switch it on or plugging it in.
  • Take the SIM card out.
  • A silica gel sachet can be used for drying.

Now let’s see how to recover data from your water damaged iPhone – 

1- Recovering from iCloud and Itunes backup

All you need to do is to sign in to iCloud or iTunes from your Apple ID on the new iOS device, then choose and transfer the respective files to the device from the available backups. 

 2-Recovering from third – party application

If you are not able to restore data from iCloud or iTunes then go-ahead with a third–party application like iPhone Data Recovery software by Stellar.

iPhone issues

7-Volume button not working

You may sometimes face some problems with the volume buttons of your iPhone.


Do not panic, just read the below steps carefully and you will for sure find the solutions to fix the problem with your volume buttons.

Solutions –

1- Try another source –

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility (turn the assistive touch on).

Assistive touch – An option providing you control over the volume buttons, so there is a chance of their working. (This option may not always work).

2-Reboot your device

Give a long press on the power button and reboot your phone, this is one of the main solutions for making your volume buttons work, but not in every case.

3- Press the volume buttons.

Keep pressing both the volume buttons to fix any loose connection inside the iPhone(if there is one)

4- Hardware

In case you tried all the above-discussed techniques then it might be a hardware problem, for which it is best to visit an Apple store

So these were some main iPhone problems and solutions we face today. Hope you found the solution to your problem. If not, then do comment and feel free to ask about your iPhone related issues.

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