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5 Things to Know about iPhone Xr before Pre-Ordering!


Apple during the iPhone launch event announced, three new iPhones and out of which only two have hit the market yet. Today is the day people get the option to pre-order their iPhone Xr. You also might be the one of those who wants to get this third iPhone Apple announced this year. But you must know all the details about it before paying for it.

iPhone Xr, is the so called Budget iPhone from Apple coming out next week. iPhone Xr comes at a price tag starting with US$ 749 for the 64GB variant. This iPhone is packed with most of the same features of the iPhone Xs but there are come major changes as well.

5 Things to Know about iPhone Xr before Pre-Ordering!


iPhone Xr has a complete glass back with aluminium frame all around it. The aluminium frame has a good looking matte finish which gives the iPhone Xr a rich look. There are no major changes in the looks of the phone.

The power button is at the right side, volume rockers and mute switch at the left. A symmetrical speakers at the button and a notch at the top. The iPhone Xr also has the same Face ID, Dual Sim Support and the Accelerometer as the iPhone Xs does.


iPhone Xr is powered by this year’s A12 Bionic Chip which does also power the iPhone Xs and Xs Max. Phone has the same RAM as well, the battery on this iPhone is one and a half hour more than the iPhone 8 Plus. Apple didn’t specifically mention the Battery capacity, just compared it to the last year’s iPhone and let us do the math.


iPhone Xr has the latest 12MP camera which is also the primary camera for the iPhone Xs and the Xs Max. So, that is something interesting. Apple also has added a software enabled Portrait Mode on this iPhone along with the Depth-Controller.

Front Camera on this phone is the same a TrueDepth 7 MP camera, capable of shooting with Smart HDR.


The display is the twist on the new iPhone Xr, it has a Liquid LCD panel with a slitly higher resolution as compared to 720p. Which means you cannot watch 1080p content on this phone. This iPhone also missing the 3D Touch due to the lack of OLED panel, but Apple did substitute it with Long Hold feature.

One more difference is that due to having a LCD panel, the phone cannot have that Edge-to-Edge display that Apple has in the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and X. Which gives you a thin bezel all around the phone. It is noticeable if you have previously used an iPhone X or have seen the new iPhone Xs and Xs Max.


With iPhone Xr Apple gives you a wide variety to choose from. Yes, iPhone Xr comes in 6 different colours options. It is too much to choose from, however I personally prefer the Red, Blue and the Black version of iPhone Xr. Let us know in the comments which colour did you pick-up or planning to pick up?

So, these are the 5 things we wanted you to keep in mind before Pre-Ordering the all new iPhone Xr. Although, there are few features and options missing but Apple did do a good job with replacing them and cutting on to the price. As this variant of iPhone starts at a lower price tag of US$ 749, which is US$ 149 less than the iPhone Xs.


Let us know in the comments below if you are planning to buy the iPhone Xr and which colour did you choose!

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