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2021 iPhones to have Face ID and under-the-screen Touch ID, says Kuo

Kuo claims that Apple can move back to Touch ID. But this time not just Touch ID but along with Face ID and a smarter version of Touch ID.


Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the leading analyst of the prominent tech-giant Apple. He has been making claims, and they do come true, most of the times. He is not just making claims for the 2019 or 2020 iPhone, but also about the 2021 iPhones.

He has published a report today claiming that Apple can bring back Touch ID to iPhones. Not just that, he also believes that Face ID and in-display Touch ID can be seen in a single iPhone.

Kuo says that it has been quite some time Apple has been facing technological problems, which have been the reason behind the slow innovation rate and less new features to offer. In the coming 18 months, these issues can rest and settle down. It is allowing Apple to produce best-in-class smartphones.

Ming-Chi Kuo – Apple to integrate Face ID and Touch ID in 2021 iPhone

TF Securities – Ming-Chi Kuo sees the scope of facial recognition and fingerprint recognition going hand in hand. The technologies are complementary, and also believes that Apple would want to unify the experience for its users. Apart from that, Apple has been filing for patents for under-the-display Touch ID, which lightens the scope.

However, the current technologies and the challenges of launching under-the-display Touch ID aren’t as fruitful as the company wants them to be.

But Kuo says he believes all these issues shall be addressed in the coming year or the one after it, allowing Apple to integrate the design in 2021 iPhones.

It is also possible that Apple will use a variant of Qualcomm’s ultrasonic under-the-display system, which allows users to rest their finger over a larger area on the screen and unlock the device.

Adding to the report, Kuo said, if in future Apple Watch gets biometric authentication system, it will be under-the-display Touch ID. Rather than Face ID, Apple would prefer the Touch ID biometric. However, nothing is sure about the same as of now.

Last night, TF Securities published another report about Kuo’s claims. Apple is planning to digest the tariff pressure and not pass on the pressure to its customers and users. The company sees the problem as a short-term issue, and in the long run, the step can be very beneficial.

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