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2019 iPad Pro to feature Triple-Lens Camera just like iPhone 11

We can see a jump from single-lens to triple-lens camera on the 2019 iPad pro.


The significant change and upgrade everyone is waiting to see is the jump from dual-lens camera to triple-lens camera in the 2019 iPhone 11. But that is not it, we might also see the iPad Pro getting the triple-lens camera in 2019.

As reported by Macotakana, a supplier in China says this year’s 2019 iPad Pro can see a jump in the camera department. An upgrade from the single-lens camera to triple-lens camera. It will be a significant upgrade for the 2019 iPad Pro.

The report also adds, Apple is planning to roll out a 10.2-inch iPad model, which can feature a dual-lens camera. However, the company recently launched a 10.5-inch model iPad. It can come in the iPad line-up as a replacement to the 9.6-inch iPad models.

At this moment, we do not know how accurate the report can be. Because this is the first time, we hear anything about the triple-lens camera on the 2019 iPad Pro. We will get more updates about the same in the coming days.

If you would have seen the 2018 iPad Pro as compared to 2017 iPad Pro, we have come quite far. The design change was a significant upgrade for the iPad Pro. Which was the reason, there were no significant expectations this year — counting on the internal update, however.

The current camera set-up on the iPad Pro is single-lens, without Portrait mode. And a direct jump to triple-lens will improve the productivity of the iPad for the photographers.

Similar is the jump in the iPhone department, the iPhone 11 coming soon, will see a rise from the dual-lens set-up to triple-lens set-up. iPhone XR will see an improvement from single-lens to dual-lens.

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